Welcoming a Temporary Employee to Your Team

Many companies hire temp employees for seasonal work, to fill a short-term need or to try out a worker to see if they are a good fit before offering a full-time position. If your business is thinking about hiring a temp employee, our staffing professionals have provided some tips in the past on how to make that temporary employee feel welcome in your company.

Since you can never be too welcoming when it comes to bringing temp employees into the fold, here are a few additional tips you may also want to think about incorporating into your onboarding process for temp hires:

  • Make your expectations for temp workers clear. It can be unsettling to come into an organization and not know what is expected of you. Be ready to explain to temp workers exactly what you want them to accomplish. Provide clear instructions on project details and deadlines, and be sure your company has a plan for exactly what the temp worker is going to be doing.
  • Give temp workers the tools they need for success. Make sure any temp worker you bring in has a full set of office supplies at their desk and knows how to access and use equipment like the copier and the phone system. Ensuring a temp worker is fully equipped to perform can help improve productivity and also avoid a situation where a temporary employee feels uncertain and adrift.
  • Include temp workers in staff and company events. If you have a meeting, ask the temp worker to sit in. If everyone is going out to lunch, invite the temp worker to come along. While they may not be there for a long time, they could someday become a full-time worker if everything works out right. It’s worth getting to know them so they will feel welcome while they are there and you’ll have a firm foundation for a relationship in case they join your company on a more permanent basis.

A temp employee who feels like a valued member of the team is likely to be a more effective and motivated worker, so it is worth making the effort. SmartTalent can help your organization find great temporary employees in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas, so if you are ready to find workers who will hit the ground running, give us a call today.

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