The Benefits of Hiring Active Job Seekers

SmartTalent - Hire Me - Im Worth ItThere has long been a battle between the active and passive job seekers in the business world. Some companies believe it is better to hire passive job seekers instead of active ones and vice versa. Studies have been conducted and companies have been surveyed to determine which type of worker is the better of the two. It is a debate that will rage on forever, as no studies or surveys can come up with a conclusive answer. We will discuss the benefits of hiring active job seekers in this post.

Active Job Seekers Will Perform the Job

More often than not, active job seekers will be more likely to perform the job compared to passive job seekers. They will be able to learn the job and perform it to the standards required by the company. Along with performing the job, active job seekers will also have the skills and abilities needed for the position. They also have current skills that are relevant to the industry and specifically, the job being offered.

Active Job Seekers Want More Responsibility

For the most part, active job seekers are looking for more responsibility, which is why they are applying for a new job in the first place. There is nothing wrong with giving someone more responsibility, so long as they have a proven track record of success in the job or industry. When you hire an active job seeker who wants more responsibility, you are getting someone who will dedicate themselves to the job.

Active Job Seekers are Worried about their Current Employer

One reason an active job seeker will look for a new job while still employed is the fact that they are worried about the status of their employer. If there have been rumblings of a downsizing or the company closing its doors, the active job seeker will look for a new job immediately. If this is the case, an active job seeker will be motivated to find new employment and as quickly as possible, which is good for your company if you need to fill an open job quickly.

Active Job Seekers Fill Openings Quickly

As mentioned in the previous section, a major advantage of hiring active job seekers is that they will be able to fill any openings your company has almost immediately. This is perfect for filling seasonal jobs that need to be added during busy times of the year.

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