8 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Job Search

Want to get the most out of your next job search? Maximizing your chances of landing your dream job involves getting a lot of little things right. It helps to know what to do to increase your odds of getting hired — and what traps to avoid along the way.

Experts have begun to worry about the health of the economy. Amid high inflation and rising interest rates, concerns about an eventual recession have started to mount. These dynamics make it even more important to optimize each step of your job search.

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Beyond this expert guidance, there are also steps you can take personally to enhance your ability to find the right position. Here are the dos and don’ts of a successful job search:

Do: Set Appropriate Goals

You’re not going to secure a managerial job with entry-level experience. Chasing positions outside your abilities will only waste time. Yes, you should push your career forward. But setting achievable targets will let you get the most out of the process.

Don’t: Forget to Use Your Network

Most jobs are secured through personal and professional connections. As such, your network should become the first option in your job-search process. Start by reaching out to your web of contacts to see what opportunities and advice you can find.

Do: Understand the Market

Know what you’re getting into. The job market and industry expectations may have changed since the last time you looked for a position. As such, conduct research about the current state of play before you jump into a job search.

Don’t: Use the Same Resume and Cover Letter with Every Opportunity

Every company is different. As such, you need to tailor your approach to the particular opportunity. Start with a template resume and cover letter but make appropriate tweaks to maximize your chances to land each individual position.

Do: Maximize Your Strengths and Minimize Your Weaknesses

An honest self-assessment will help you get the most out of your current skills and experience. Figure out what represents your best qualities and find ways to highlight these. Meanwhile, identify your weakest points and think about how you can work around these areas.

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Don’t: Lose Your Positive Attitude

Any job search will have its share of frustrations. Actually, most job searches consist mainly of frustration — it’s the default emotion as you fill out applications and attempt to break through the clamor of a competitive market.

However, don’t lose heart. An upbeat attitude is key to eventual success. Consciously maintaining a positive view will help you stay motivated and will make you a better candidate.

Do: Use a Diverse Job-Search Strategy

Your perfect job might not be easy to find. To ensure you have the best chance to locate the best opportunity possible, make sure you’re conducting a broad enough search. Go beyond the major job-posting sites to use alternative methods as well.

This can include areas like:

  • Niche job sites
  • Social media
  • Individual companies
  • Staffing agencies

Staffing agencies in particular can accelerate your job search, as well as raise the chances you’ll find the ideal situation. SmartTalent can put you in the best position to succeed long term.

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