Hot Job: Electronics Assembler

Do you have a knack for building things and a great eye for detail. Are you familiar with electronics and are you good at thinking strategically? If so, there is an ideal job open right now that you just might be a great fit for: electronics assembler.

As an electronics assembler, you’ll be building electrical control panels. You can achieve success in this career field if:

  • You are motivated: It will be up to you to take ownership of getting your daily assigned tasks completed. Top employees who succeed in this position have a lot of energy and are results-oriented. You should be excited about getting panels successfully built and you should be ready to work independently to accomplish your daily to-do list.
  • You understand how to wire control boxes and panels: Building electrical control panels is the core function of an electronics assembler job. You’ll need to know how to connect the wires and complete the build process. You’ll also have the chance to perform electrical functional tests regularly, and you should be ready to troubleshoot the control panels if necessary to ensure that every panel works correctly and is a quality product.
  • You are a strategic thinker: Your job will not just involve doing repetitive tasks. You must be able to read and interpret work order forms and pick lists, decide what needs to be done and build electronic panels to the necessary specifications.

If you can lift at least 50 pounds and have these other key skills to succeed as an electronics assembler, there is good news. Companies are hiring now and paying as much as $17.00 to $19.00 hourly, depending upon experience.

You can land a temp-to-hire position with help from SmartTalent and show off your skills once you have been brought on board so you can potentially turn that temporary position into a lucrative, interesting full-time job. To find out more about how you can excel as an electronics assembler, call SmartTalent today.

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