Hot Job: Executive Assistant

Executive assistants play an integral role in keeping companies running. When you work as an executive assistant, you support the top talent in the business who drives revenue and growth. Your core functions are essential to making sure the executive you work for can do their job, which is key to the company operating smoothly and efficiently. Your job is one of tremendous responsibility, and it is often interesting and varied work.

Landing a job as an executive assistant can be a challenge because these positions often pay well and position you as an integral member of a company team. Fortunately, there are hot jobs open now for skilled executive assistants. Our staffing service can help you to find a job where you have a full range of duties including:

  • Schedule management: You’ll be responsible for managing all aspects of an executive’s schedule. You’ll enter tasks and appointments, invite the relevant people to meetings, and make sure the executive’s time is used as wisely as possible. Knowledge of calendaring programs like GM Calendaring will be a key hard skill you need so you can efficiently keep appointments and tasks organized.
  • Office management: One of your core functions will be to maximize office productivity. You’ll develop and maintain a procedure and opps manual so everyone is on the same page. These manuals can be invaluable for serving time, streamlining processes and bringing new talent on board while maintaining your core company culture. You’ll also manage office equipment and keep databases up to date so everyone has the materials and data they need to do their own jobs.
  • Bookkeeping: Another core part of your job involves doing basic bookkeeping tasks. You’ll need to make sure you’re following your company’s best practices for basic accounting tasks and will need to do error-free work.

SmartTalent will help you find an executive assistant position where you can take on all these tasks as well as many additional professional responsibilities. There are hot jobs available for executive assistants who can do these tasks, so reach out to our staffing service right now to find the position that is right for you.

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