How Can You Identify High-Potential Candidates

When your company is hiring, you may get hit with a deluge of applications – many of which may be from unqualified candidates who aren’t really a great fit for the position. Navigating through the vast pool of potential candidates can be challenging, especially when you’re looking for the cream of the crop to move forward in your hiring process.

So, how can your company separate out the high-potential candidates from the mediocre ones? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Look for applicants who have customized their information: Candidates who are passionate about the job will take time to research your company and write a cover letter and resume that speak directly to what you are looking for. If a potential candidate sends a generic resume, either they’re not that excited about the position or they don’t have the wherewithal to customize their application material in the most effective manner. Either way, you’re better off with someone who has gone the extra mile to produce personalized application material.
  • Check for quantifiable proof of accomplishments: A high-potential candidate will have specific accomplishments they can point to, rather than vague generalities. Look through resumes you receive to see which candidates can showcase objective proof of success like awards, sales numbers, a history of promotions and other professional accomplishments.
  • Work with a recruiter: This could be the best way to find high-potential candidates because recruiters have a vast talent pool to draw from and they get to know the candidates they are helping to place. A good recruiter will understand exactly what your company is looking for and be able to find a candidate with the key skills who can thrive.

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