Is Your Onboarding Process Working?

Evaluating your systems should be a way of life, especially at the beginning of the year. Take a good hard look at how you can improve your processes early in 2019. Today we’re focusing on onboarding. But how can you measure where you might be going wrong? One way to know your onboarding process isn’t working? Turnover. If you’re seeing a rapid cycle of employees quitting, it could be your onboarding system.

Be Inspirational

Remember starting your job? There’s always uncertainty. A new position can create several emotions and reactions, from excitement and curiosity to confusion and fear. Remember where you started and encourage new workers to settle into their new positions. Workers that don’t feel welcome or are overwhelmed by an ineffective onboarding process simply won’t stick around.

Assess the Process

What does it look like when your new employee completes preliminary training? Or even walks in the door? Evaluate your onboarding process from start to finish: including the more trivial details. Go through the onboarding procedure yourself, as if you were a new staff member. When you enter the workspace, is it welcoming? Do you have specific staff training new workers, and are they cheerful and well-versed in the procedure? Review what onboarding entails: You shouldn’t be tossing a packet of rules on the table and throwing them right into the deep end.

Check Your Timeframe

Is your onboarding process two days of training? Training shouldn’t be on overview of the bare minimum that a new staff member needs to know. Onboarding is referred to as a “process” for a reason. You should be looking at what your new employee receives within the first day, the first week, and even the first few months of their tenure.

  • Day One: Introductions
  • Week One: Understanding of job expectations and projects
  • First Months: A scheduled one-on-one meeting with you to discuss highlights and challenges within the new role

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