What You Should Know About Your Recruiter

What You Should Know About Your Recruiter - SmartTalentWhen you are involved in your job search and working with a recruiter, you may not be clear on exactly what role your recruiter plays in the process. It is important to understand who a recruiter is to you and what services a recruiter can provide to help you find a great new position.

Some of the key things you should know about your recruiter include the following:

  • Recruiters want candidates to be successful. Your recruiter is focused on helping you find a position that you will excel in. You don’t have to worry about a recruiter pushing you to take the first job that comes along or undermining your interests in any way. Your success is key to your recruiter’s success.
  • Recruiters are looking for honesty from you. Recruiters need to know what your skills are and what exactly you’re looking for in a position. Be honest with your recruiter, and share as much information as possible about your job search goals. This will help a recruiter make better matches with employers.
  • Recruiters make the best matches to benefit both candidates and employers. Many people mistakenly believe a recruiter works primarily on behalf of an employer. Recruiters want both companies and job candidates to be happy when a job seeker takes on a temporary or full-time position.
  • Recruiters are on your side. Your recruiter is your advocate and will be there with you every step of the way as you look for your next job. You can be confident your recruiter is always looking out for you, and you can trust the advice your recruiter offers during the job search process.

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