Are You Feeling Disconnected?

If you are feeling disconnected at work, it may be hard to stay motivated and get your work done. You may find yourself inadvertently making mistakes because of your lost focus, and your disinterest in the job may come across loud and clear to managers.

You don’t want to hurt your career because of your feelings of being disconnected, so it’s important to overcome your slump and find a way to be passionate about your work once again. To help you get back in the groove and get connected again:

  • Talk with your manager. If your feelings of being disconnected come from uncertainty about your workload, problems with co-workers, issues with not having the right tools or other situations at work, your manager needs to know about the problem and help you find solutions. Be prepared to explain what you’re feeling, offer suggestions if you have any and be open to any ideas your manager has about fixing the problem.
  • Focus on what’s good about your job. Often people complain about things that are wrong at their jobs, and they lose sight of all that is good about their work. Try to find three good things each day that you liked at work, and when someone asks how your day was, mention those good things instead of the bad ones. By retraining your brain to focus on the positives, you may find there’s more good than bad at your workplace.
  • Identify your sources of stress and deal with them head-on. If there’s a situation that is making you feel disconnected, such as a co-worker you don’t like or a project that is proving too challenging, identify the big issues you’re facing and brainstorm solutions. If you can find a way to tackle the source of your stress, your entire attitude towards work might improve.

In some cases, your job may not be a good fit for you anymore. If you are working at a position you no longer feel passionate about, consider working with a staffing service to explore new opportunities. SmartTalent can help you to find a great job in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas so can stop feeling so disconnected at work. To find out how our staffing service can help you, give us a call today.

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