What’s the Average Timeline for Working with a Recruiter?

When you’re out of a job, you need to find work as quickly as possible. A recruiter can make that happen. By partnering with a top-flight staffing agency, you shorten the timeline for landing a position that matches your skills and experience.

But exactly how does this work? And what kind of timeline can you expect from working with a recruiter?

These are crucial questions. After all, the median length of unemployment in October 2021 sat at 12 weeks. That’s about 3 months sitting on the shelf.

Any steps you can take to shorten this excruciating wait will provide a benefit, both for your bank account and for your mental wellbeing. Here are some details to keep in mind as you prepare to turn to a recruiter to speed your job search:

What kind of timeline should you expect when working with a recruiter?

Working with a recruiter is a process. They will search for the best position to fit your skills and experience. The length of time between your first contact and finally getting a job offer will depend on a lot of factors:

  • Your skills and background
  • The particular recruiter
  • The overall job market
  • The hiring timelines at particular companies

As you can see, many of the factors are outside both your control and the control of the recruiter. If events line up just right, you can walk right into the perfect job. In less-than-ideal conditions, you might still have to endure a longer process.

No matter what the case, a recruiter will fast-track your job search. They can put you in touch with more companies than you could approach on your own. At the same time, they will leverage their expertise to direct you to more promising leads, making sure your time is used as effectively as possible.

How does partnering with a recruiter work?

To better understand the timeline that comes with working with a recruiter, it helps to dive into the steps you should expect. This will give you a glimpse into the process and a better appreciation of what happens once you contact a recruiter.

Step #1: Research, the right recruiter for you

You’ll find a job faster if you seek out the right recruiter. Look for someone who focuses on your industry. Otherwise, gravitate towards organizations with a broad reach and a proven track record.

Step #2: Make contact with the recruiter

Once you find the recruiter for you, reach out to them. Apply at their webpage or try to make contact through LinkedIn.

Step #3: Provide pertinent information, like your resume

Most recruiters will have a clear process for applying. Follow their instructions and provide as much info as possible.

Step #4: Follow-up directly with an individual recruiter

Typically, a recruiter will reach out to you if you match the profile preferred by their clients. However, you can take the initiative as well. Reach out to them and see where you stand.

Step #5: The recruiter will reach out to hiring managers for positions that match your skills and experience

Behind the scenes, the recruiter will look to pair your resume with a potential employer looking for those qualifications. At this point, you should periodically check in to see how the process is going.

Step #6: Work with a recruiter to connect with individual companies

Once they find a good fit, a recruiter will send your information to company hiring managers. From there, you should follow the process laid out for you, providing details to the potential employer’s staff and scheduling an interview.

Step #7: Stay in touch

You might not land a job out of the gate. Sometimes, it takes a little extra time to find the right match. Don’t get discouraged. Stay in contact with your recruiter and take the steps necessary to make yourself a more marketable candidate.

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