Create a Winning Company Culture With These Tips

Culture infuses everything you do. Your ability to attract and keep employees, entice new customers, build a brand, and ultimately survive as in the marketplace all relate to cultural factors. But that begs the question: how do you create a winning culture?

Business success is relatively easy to see. A worthwhile project positively impacts the bottom line. Fundamentally, you just have to count dollars.

Cultural success doesn’t have the same obvious measuring stick. Ultimately, it should boost your financials (that’s part of what a good culture does). But the impact will likely be subtle.

Even though culture exists as a more ethereal concept, there are concrete ways that you can encourage it in your workplace. With that in mind, here are some tips for creating a winning company culture:

Know Your Core Values

Before you can communicate your culture to your employees, you have to know what you’re communicating. That process involves defining your core values.

This process might be more difficult than you think. Laying out values can quickly become an exercise in corporate-jargon wordplay. You end up combining buzzwords about “vision” and “stakeholders” to make a kind of word salad, possibly sounding good in a mission statement, but not having much practical application.

To avoid this, stick to simple concepts and express them as straightforwardly as possible. Take inspiration from examples like the famous “don’t be evil” provision Google used to have in their code of conduct.

List Your Culture Goals

Now that you have your core values mapped out, you need to turn those into goals. How will your values manifest in your business? How will you know if you’re living up to your values?

In other words, you have to set out what you want to achieve. Turn your values into concrete, real-world projects that you can implement.

Set Definable Targets

You’ve determined your values and figured out how you plan to put them into action. It’s time to define cultural success.

As previously noted, culture can evade most financial tracking efforts. You’ll likely have trouble pinning down the dollar-for-dollar impact on your business.

However, that doesn’t mean it lacks any metrics. Use stats like employee retention, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction to judge whether your culture is truly “winning.”

Communicate Regularly with Your Employees

The implementation of your cultural vision will ultimately depend on your employees. They will live the culture on a day-to-day basis, deciding whether it achieves your goals or doesn’t.

As such, their participation is crucial to success. If they don’t buy-in, you’ll have trouble implementing your goals. Share your vision with your employees and engage them in the process of implementing it. Effective communication will ensure the process is a success.

Invite Feedback

With your employees forming the backbone of your cultural program, they should get involved in its creation and evolution. Seek out their feedback to strengthen your efforts and make them more effective.

Along the same lines, don’t get entrenched in a particular cultural attribute. Times change. You should change with them, reexamining your values and their implementation over time.

Monitor how your cultural attitudes compare to the broader landscape and adapt accordingly. Your employees will represent a key resource here as well. By opening yourself up to their suggestions, you increase your ability to stay relevant.

The first step to creating a winning culture is finding the right people to implement it. Partnering with an industry-leading staffing firm, like SmartTalent, allows you to build the perfect team.

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