Why Temporary Work Might Be Right for You

When you seek job-search advice, most of the information you’ll find assumes you want a stereotypical nine-to-five, 40-hour-a-week, keep-it-as-long-as-they-let-you position. However, there are other options. You might be more suited for temporary work at this point in your career.

People sometimes view temp work as a last resort. However, it provides some advantage to full-time, long-term work that makes it a valuable option in its own right. Many people choose to go the temporary route as a better fit for their goals and current life circumstances.

Here are some signs that temporary work might be right for you:

Entering the Workforce 

Getting started on any venture can be challenging. If you’re just getting out of school, or otherwise just entering the workforce for the first time, finding an interesting, well-paying position can be almost impossible.

To get real opportunities, you need to pay your dues. You need to build your skill base, and you need to pad out your resume. Temp assignments give you the best opportunity to do this quickly.

Restarting Your Career

The need to jump-start a career isn’t limited to the early stages of professional life. Sometimes, people step away from the workplace for periods. Whether it’s taking care of children, caring for a sick relative, or any other reason, it can be difficult to return to the labor force after a long absence.

Temporary work provides an excellent gateway. Just like when you first start, temp assignments can give you the introduction and skill-building necessary to become eligible for higher-quality permanent situations.

Improve Your Skill Base

To advance in your career, you need to master and hone a core skill base. Meanwhile, you increase your options by cultivating a broad range of competencies. However, developing these assets becomes difficult when you are trapped in a single, full-time position for a long period.

Temporary work allows you to nurture a broad skill set. You can step into new roles, learning new techniques, and gathering useful experience.

Increased Flexibility 

Full-time work doesn’t suit everyone. You may have other responsibilities that keep you from committing to a nine-to-five position. Temporary employment might provide an excellent alternative.

You can often find more flexible schedules in temporary assignments. You can work night shifts, or only take placements that offer hours on certain days. Whatever your stipulations, temp work offers some additional options not available with full-time positions.

Try a New Field

Switching industries can be tough. You’ve got a set of skills targeting one particular field, but you want to get started in another area. Some of your experience might transfer. But on some level, you’re starting over.

Temporary work helps you make this transition. You can try out a new field before committing fully. Meanwhile, the temp gigs allow you to pick up experience, which will help you get future positions in the industry.

Get to Know Companies Before You Commit 

Accepting a full-time position can represent a massive leap of faith. After a couple of interviews, you’re supposed to know whether you want to invest your time and energy into a company. You have to decide without much information.

On the other hand, temporary work gives you a chance to try companies out before you commit. It’s like dating someone for some time before jumping into a long-term relationship. It gives you a chance to find a corporate culture that suits you perfectly.

If you think temporary work might be for you, the next step is talking to a staffing company. A strong recruiter, like SmartTalent, will find the perfect placement for your long-term career goals.

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