Asking for a Raise the Right Way

When it comes to a raise, deserving one isn’t enough. That may seem unfair, but it’s a fact of the business world. It also matters how you approach the request and how you lobby for your higher salary. In short, it matters how you ask. 

You work hard, you achieve all your goals, and you contribute to your company‘s bottom line on a daily basis. You want to be rewarded and appreciated. However, to get the raise you deserve, you have to be tactful about the requestYou have to think about your approach and put yourself in the best position to get approval. 

Here are a few tips for asking for a raise the right way: 

Get Your Job Performance to Peak Quality 

Before you ask for a raise, make sure you deserve one. Get your performance quality to the highest possible level. Make sure your output can handle close scrutiny because your boss will look hard at what you’ve done before granting approval. You also want your performance to rank among the best in the office, in order to give you claim to whatever money is left over in the budget for raises. 

Do Your Research 

Information is the key to making a convincing argument about your raise. Before you make a formal request, do significant research into the situation. Know the important metrics your bosses will use to judge your performance. Also, understand the budget and know what other raises have given in the past. 

Identify the Decision Makers 

Your direct supervisor might evaluate your day-to-day performance, but they still might not have authority over your salaryThey might need further approval before you can see an increase in salary. You need to understand these dynamics before you start pushing for higher compensation. In other words, know the players before you start playing the game. 

Cultivate a Relationship with Your Boss 

Being good at your job and having a good feel for the politics of getting a raise put you in a good position. However, they don’t guarantee that you’ll get your raise. Social factors come into play as well. After all, professional advancement is about networking. Long before a raise becomes an option, start cultivating a relationship with your boss. Having them on your side only helps your case. 

Watch for Openings 

As with romance, securing a raise is all about timing. You want to make your raise request at the precise moment it will be best received. As such, don’t just storm into your boss’s office the moment you decide you deserve a raise. Instead, read the landscape and determine your best opportunity to make the request. 

Schedule a Meeting 

Respect that receiving a raise represents a formal corporate process. Follow the protocolyour company has in place. Don’t surprise your boss was a request out of the blue or thrust the demand on them at a seemingly random time. Instead, schedule a meeting to discuss the matter, and layout your case in a calm, reasonable way. 

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