How to Ask For More Responsibility at Work

You feel stuck. Your current job has gotten stale and you’re ready for new challenges. But you’re not sure how to communicate your ambitions to your supervisors. It’s time to learn how to ask for more responsibility at work.

This can represent an awkward conversation. You don’t want to disrupt the team dynamic or annoy your boss. At the same time, you want to make as effective a presentation as possible.

Here’s how to ask for more responsibility at work:

Do Your Job Well

Imagine it from your boss’s point of view. You’re behind on your current workload and your performance reviews sit in the middle of the pack. Would you give yourself extra responsibility?

Probably not. Don’t start a conversation about adding to your workload if you can’t keep up with your current tasks. Rather, master your present job and then look to expand your role.

Become an Informal Leader

Responsibility doesn’t have to come from above. It can also develop organically by taking an informal leadership role. Do your job well and make yourself available to help others.

By doing this, you become everyone’s go-to mentor for work problems. Your supervisors will notice the esteem you receive from the rest of the team. It will make them more receptive when you ask for a more formal upgrade to your leadership role.

Have Suggestions Ready

When you approach your boss with your request, have a specific plan in mind. Look at the current office dynamics before scheduling a conversation. Identify areas where you could contribute.

That way, the conversation will have some structure. You can make a detailed suggestion rather than a vague request. This will make it easier for your boss to see value in the change.

Get Ready for a Sales Pitch

Sure, you know you’re ready for a new challenge. You feel like your potential practically glows in the dark. Your boss might not think it’s so obvious.

Going into the conversation, realize that you might have to convince your boss to give you added responsibility. As such, prepare to sell your ability to take on new tasks. Treat it like a sales pitch, highlighting your strong points and providing details from your current performance that show that you’d succeed in an expanded role.

Consider Your Expectations

What do you really want out of this situation? The answer to that question will help decide how you approach your request.

Specifically, think about the issue of compensation. Do you want additional pay along with your new responsibilities? Or are you satisfied to expand your role as a way to gain experience and set yourself up for more formal advancement down the road?

Expect Further Conversations

Your boss will have to consider your request. They’ll have to weigh their options and think about how providing you more responsibility impacts the team as a whole. In short, don’t expect an immediate decision. Your initial discussion will set off a longer dialogue on the subject.

To push your career forward, your role needs to evolve constantly. Don’t be afraid to seek out advancement and ask for additional responsibility.

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