Common Warehouse Interview Questions – And How to Answer Them

Warehouse jobs might not seem particularly exciting or glamorous on the surface, but the industry represents a significant bright spot for the economy. Knowing how to interview for these positions could open up opportunities in a growing field with long-term staying power. The key is knowing what questions you’re likely to get in a warehouse interview – and the answers that give you the best chance to land the position. 

Warehouses represent a growth industry. According to the Department of Labor, there are approximately 19,000 warehouse facilities in the U.S. That’s up from just over 15,000 in 2009 – a growth of nearly 27% over that time. 

This fact is mirrored in the astounding success of Amazon – the company most people think of first when they think of warehouses. As of August 2020, the company had a market value of over $1.6 trillion, more than tripling from the $500 million it was worth in mid-2017. 

Clearly, warehouse jobs offer a growth market. That makes the industry a crucial target for your job search. Landing these positions means understanding the key traits you’ll need to impress interviewers and get hired. Here are a few to look out for: 

What makes you want to work in a warehouse? 

The obvious answer to this one: “I want to get a paycheck.” Of course. They know that. But the question here isn’t about why you want to work in general. It’s about why a warehouse job appeals to you. Let them know about your previous experience in warehouseif you have any. If not, detail what about working in a warehouse seems to fit your natural abilities. 

Bonus credit: let them know why you are excited about their particular company. Research the firm beforehand and highlight some details you learned. Show you’re not just excited to work in a warehouse… you’re excited to work in their warehouse. 

How well do you operate in a team environment? 

This subject will come up and almost any interview situation. Any corporation wants to know if you can operate within a team framework.  

That said, the topic has special meaning in a warehouse situation. Warehouses run like a welloiled machine. One step leads flawlessly into another. Organization and efficiency are key to keeping costs down and fulfilling customer needs quickly accurately. Those facts make your ability to work with your teammates extremely important.  

Let your interviewers know that you can work well on a team. Give specific examples from your work experience of when you’ve had to cooperate with other people. 

Tell us about a time you had to learn new technology. 

Warehouse jobs sometimes seem like old-fashioned gigs. Look at a company from two hundred years ago, and they probably had a warehouse. However, actual warehouse jobs change continuously.  

Companies want as much real-time information as I can get, meaning that they are looking to track every movement that takes place in a warehouse. That means the employees have to learn new technological tricks over time 

Show them that your tech-savvy. Describe times when you’ve had to learn a new device or a different procedure on the job. You could even bring in situations that take place in your personal life. If you’re a techie outside the warehouse, you’ll be one inside as well. 

What experience do you have working with a high degree of accuracy? 

Working in a warehouse involves keeping track of inventory and precisely fulfilling customer orders. Both these goals require to pinpoint accuracy. As a result, firms focus on efficiency as a critical skill for warehouse employees.  

Let your interviewers know you are up to the task. Talk about training you’ve received in past jobs, and the procedures you take to ensure accuracy as you work. This might include comments like “I always double-check a label” or “at my last warehouse job, I had an accuracy rating of 99.98%.” 

Tell us about a time you had to perform under significant time pressure. 

Speed is of the essence in any business. This urgency takes physical form in the warehouse. Fulfilling customer orders in a timely fashion is crucial to drive future profit growth. As such, you’ll often face significant time pressures in your warehouse assignment.  

You should be ready to highlight your ability to handle these potentially tense situations. Let your interviewers know how you handled time-sensitive situations in the past. Also, highlight your ability to keep your cool and remain productive during stressful scenarios. 

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