Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Finally Find a New Job

Lose weight. Read more. Limit your TikTok use to three hours a day. New Year’s Day represents the time of resolutions. Make this year count: make a New Year’s resolution to finally find a new job. 

Of course, making the resolution is only the first step. And, unfortunately, in most cases, it’s the only step that happens. One study found that less than 8% of people who make resolutions see them through.  

With those odds in mind, the chances of staying motivated and finding that new job may seem slight. But there are steps you can take to keep the momentum going past January 2.

Here’s how you can achieve your New Year’s resolution of finally finding a new job: 

Take Small Steps 

Many resolutions fail because they prove overly ambitious. Vow to lose 10 pounds? Relatively easy to achieve. Want to anchor the U.S. Olympic track team after a decade spent on the couch? You might give up after that first jog. 

You don’t want your career dreams to fall into the “early surrender category. Instead, you want to keep your momentum going after the first blush of New Year’s enthusiasm wears off. One strategy to achieve this: look for smaller goals that you can reach in relatively few steps: 

See What’s Out There 

Start by getting an idea of what’s available. The COVID outbreak continues to disrupt the economy, leading to an elevated unemployment rate. Knowing the market will be crucial to finding the right opportunity. Even in normal times though, research should represent your first step on the road to a new job. As you enter the new year, it’s the perfect place to start. 

Clean Up Your Resume 

Once you’re ready to start contacting potential employers, you’ll need to update your job-search documentary. Central to this: your resume. Updating your work history and upgrading the document’s presentation provides valuable lowimpact ways to keep your new job resolution rolling. 

Tickle Your Network  

Maybe you’re still not ready to jump in with both feet. Still, you can start laying the groundwork. That process begins with networking. Casually touch base with your best contacts. Let people know you are open to opportunities. Maybe you’ll get lucky and something will find you. If not, you have still eased into the networking game – a key step to scoring a new job eventually. 

Prepare for a Big Leap 

Maybe you don’t just want to tinker with your career machinery. Maybe you want to overhaul it completely. In other words, you might be ready for those Olympicsize dreams. The new year could provide the inspiration you need to take a big leap in your professional development. 

Take Classes 

You’re not just ready for a new job. You want a new career entirely. As New Year’s resolutions go, that’s a big ask. However, you can start the processBegin by taking classes in your target field. You’ll get a taste of whether you’ll like the industry. At the same time, you’ll take steps in that direction. 

Ask for Added Responsibility  

New jobs don’t always mean a completely new start. You can make major strides at the company that already signs your paycheck. Look for new opportunities at your current employer. Ask for additional responsibility and seek out fresh projects. You may need to start small, but these inquiries could open exciting new doors. 

Make New Contacts  

As we said before, networking provides a crucial tool for achieving your New Year’s resolution of a new job. However, your network might not robust enough to get you the position you want. That means it’s time to expand your reach. Meet new people in the industry. Fill out your list of contacts. Then, down the road, you’ll have a better network and access to more opportunities. 

The turning of the calendar presents an excellent time to take stock of your career and look for new opportunities. A strong staffing agency, like SmartTalent, can accelerate that process.  

Contact SmartTalent today to find out how you can find your ideal position quickly and easily. 

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