Why Temporary Staffing is One Way to Recession-Proof Your Business

Worried about the current economy? Of course, you are. There are plenty of reasons to suspect trouble. A good team-building strategy can prepare you for anything. Specifically, a game plan centered on temporary staffing is one way to recession-proof your business.

The dislocations of 2020 have left a lot of economic uncertainties. With COVID still weighing on business, many experts foresee a recession for 2021. And with any downturn, the exact shape of the emergency is hard to predict.

For that reason, you should put a structure in place that gets you ready for anything. Temporary staffing provides an excellent solution.

Here’s how this approach can recession-proof your organization:

Control Costs

Full-time employees don’t just mean added costs related to salary. These staff members come with a host of extra costs as well. You need to worry about benefits and other ancillary expenses that subtract from your bottom line.

Of course, you gain something from these outlays. Full-timers grant your organization stability and long-term sustainability. But during a recession, temporary staffing can let you trim some of these secondary costs.

Added Flexibility

By their nature, recessions come with uncertainty. They often appear unexpectedly (in January of 2020, who thought a pandemic would spike the unemployment rate into double-digit territory?). Also, in the middle of a downturn, you can’t predict when it will end. Should you plan for a short squall and hold steady? Or hunker down for an extended economic monsoon and take drastic action?

The more optionality you can maintain, the better off you are. That means maximizing flexibility. That’s why a temporary-staffing approach offers so much value.

This strategy lets you prepare for anything. You add staff as things pick up and prune unnecessary positions if a relapse happens. You can stay in the moment as you weather the recessionary storm.

Limit Your Long-Term Commitments

There’s a simple rule in an emergency: fix the immediate problem now. When paramedics show up at an accident, they don’t start giving advice about nutrition and exercise. Those are long-term concerns. In the moment, they just want to do what’s necessary and load victims into the ambulance.

The same applies to an economic emergency. You want to keep your focus on the near term. A wrong step could mean you don’t survive the recession at all. Reliance on temporary staffing lets you keep your attention centered on your immediate needs.

No need for long-term commitments. Concentrate on what you need to do to emerge from the recession intact and ready to resume growth.

Staff Up Quickly When Things Get Good

Eventually, recessions end. Will you be ready?

Overreact to an economic crisis and you limit your long-term options. It becomes difficult to ramp up again once the emergency passes. You don’t have the resources you need to take advantage of renewed growth.

Temporary staffing provides an excellent way to keep your options open. As business returns to normal, you can add workers quickly and easily. This strategy positions you for a fast rebuild once conditions turn positive again.

Ready to take advantage of temporary staffing? The right recruiting partner, like SmartTalent, can get you prepared for anything.

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