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Am I Not Being Challenged Enough, or Am I Just Bored?

All jobs have their boring parts. Even fighter pilots and motorcycle stunt drivers have their dull moments – paperwork to fill out or Zoom meetings with HR. Still, if your job only exists a mind-numbing slog, you’ve got a problem. Ask yourself this question: am I not being challenged enough, or am I just bored?

Maybe you’ve stumbled into a naturally boring job. In that case, you might need to look out for more exhilarating opportunities. Or you might just need to approach the situation differently. By adjusting your attitude or engaging more in the process, you might uncover hidden excitement.

Here are a few things to consider as you determine whether you are being challenged enough (and whether you need to take steps to escape your boring job):

Don’t Just Chase Excitement

Any new job will feel exciting at first. You’ll learn new skills, get to know the corporate structure, and meet interesting new people.

Eventually, though, all those novel components will become routine. Those skills you fought hard to master will become offhand tasks and those intriguing new coworkers will turn into the familiar faces you see every day.

Don’t mistake new for interesting. In fact, jumping jobs because due to boredom often becomes counterproductive. It may also prove pointless, as you repeat the same excitement-boredom-quitting cycle over and over again.

Constantly Look to Add

Building a career over time is just that: an act of building. You construct a skill set and a collection of valuable work experiences by adding over time. As it happens, this also helps you stay engaged and interested in your work.

If you find yourself bored at work, don’t automatically jump to the nuclear option. Instead, look for smaller steps you can take first. Taking on new responsibilities or developing a fresh skill can add just the spice you need to make your job absorbing again.

Here are a few steps you can take:

Ask for additional responsibilities. Nothing gets rid of boredom like a new challenge. If you feel stuck, talk to your boss about finding some mind-expanding tasks.

Take a class. You can find enrichment outside the office as well. Head to the local community college to expand your professional skills or just to pursue subjects that interest you.

Mentor an inexperienced coworker. Are you already an industry expert? Passing on that information can provide an engaging way to make your daily routine more exciting.

Pitch your own project. Create your own opportunities. Conceive a project on your own and talk your boss into letting you pursue it.

Look Long Term

Of course, you might not be able to fix the situation at your current employer. Don’t just accept boredom as the price of getting paid. You should feel engrossed in your work. If you don’t, take the steps necessary to get there.

The key is to take a long-term approach. You’re not going to boost your excitement by taking the same position at a different company. In that case, you’re just jumping from one boring job to another.

Take stock of the things you find interesting. List the moments at your job when you feel captivated. Think about the things that drive you outside the office. Consider how you can turn these interests into your next career adventure.

Ready for a new challenge? If you’ve decided to expand your horizons, turn to a top recruiter, like SmartTalent, to open up the possibilities.

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