Making a Career Switch? Follow These Tips to Find Your Calling

Some career moves are minor adjustments. Others represent massive overhauls. If you’re looking to make a big change, the process can seem daunting. However, making a career shift can substantially increase your professional potential … and the possibility of finding your true calling.

As significant a decision as a career shift is, most people go through more than a few during their careers. Meanwhile, the practice has grown increasingly common since the economy reopened after COVID. One study found that 53% of workers who quit their jobs in 2021 did so in order to switch their occupation or jump to a different field entirely.

Given these statistics, you shouldn’t feel shy about your desire to trade one career path for another. However, you still need to be strategic about the process.

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Meanwhile, there are other steps you can take to facilitate a major professional reorientation. Here are some tips to get the most out of your career shift and find your true calling:

Know Your Goals

Before making any big decisions, look closely at your personal and professional goals. What do you want to accomplish over the next 5-10 years? This introspection will provide the context you need as you review your career possibilities.

Research Your Options

See what’s out there. Don’t make any major career decisions without learning as much as you can about the current market, as well as the long-term prospects in the areas you are considering. This way, you can find the path that best suits your objectives.

Involve Your Support System

Talk to the people around you. Your friends and family can give you great insights into the professional landscape. At the same time, they know you well enough to give you strong insights about what might fit you best.

Contact Your Network

Once you’ve sketched out a general path forward, reach out to people beyond your inner circle. Discuss your goals with the people in your professional network, focusing on individuals involved in the industry you’d like to switch to.

Find a Pre-Mentor

It’s a little early for a mentor. But how about a pre-mentor? Within your network, seek out veterans in your target industry who can become your guide — a go-to source of advice and support as you move forward.

Develop a Plan

Helped by the information you have gathered so far, it is time to put together a concrete plan. This will include the steps you need to follow to achieve your transition. Break the process into manageable chunks and look to make steady progress toward your goals.

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Start Small

It likely won’t be possible to jump into your new industry in a single big leap. Rather, you’ll need to build out your career over time. Look for ways to begin this process. Consider steps like:

  • Taking a class
  • Finding freelance assignments
  • Landing a part-time position

Build Out Your Resume and Your New Professional Brand

As you add experience, you’ll need to reshape your resume and other job-search tools. Your goal is to redesign your professional brand to match your new industry. To do this, look to outlets like:

  • Social media (starting with LinkedIn)
  • Blogs focused on your new industry
  • A website showcasing your burgeoning new career
  • A YouTube channel centered around your new professional path

Stay Nimble and Develop Your Career

Your career shift will launch a new long-term journey. Plan on facing many twists and turns. You might even decide to switch directions again down the way. Stay flexible and continue to develop your career over time.

SmartTalent can help as you move forward. You’ll be ready for whatever path you choose to take.

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