How to Create Good Relationships With Co-Workers When New To a Job

New jobs can be intimidating. Besides your new boss and your new responsibilities, you face an awkward social situation. You need to develop good relationships with your new coworkers.

This can spark traumatizing flashbacks to middle school. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting situation. Rather, a fresh cadre of coworkers represents a new opportunity to make friends, learn new skills, and put your networking abilities to the test.

The trick is knowing how to overcome your anxieties and make a connection with your new coworkers. Here are some tips to help you nurture good relationships with your team members when you start a new job:

Introduce Yourself

Your goal should be to bridge the gap between being strangers and becoming colleagues. The first step: an introduction. Simply open up a dialog with your new coworkers, setting the stage for more substantial conversations in the future.

Ask Questions

As a newbie, you have a major advantage: everyone expects you to be lost. On your first few days, you can ask questions that would seem strange if you brought them up a few months down the line. Grab this chance to interact with those around you.

Be Good at Your Job

It might take you a few weeks to get acclimated. However, you’ll eventually go from being “the new person” to just another coworker. At that point, you better be able to pull your weight.

If you can’t complete your tasks competently, it affects those around you. They have to pick up the slack. You might be the nicest person in the world, but if your lack of performance forces your coworkers to stay late, you’ll have trouble making friends.

Offer to Help

Here, you’re taking the “be good at your job” rule to a new level. If you make life easier for people around you, they’ll like and respect you more. Even better, they’ll be happy to give you help when you need it.

As such, give support wherever you can. Look for ways to help out your coworkers and take a proactive approach to solving other people’s problems.

Learn the Political Landscape

Corporate relations can resemble minefields. Wander around without knowing where you’re going, and you can step on a hidden bomb.

As such, do what you can to understand what’s going on. Learn which coworkers are open and supportive and which ones get territorial about their duties. Figure out alliances, rivalries, and cliques. This will prevent you from running into an explosive situation.

Show Team Spirit

Solidarity with your team members will help cement your relationships. Celebrate other people’s successes. Pick them up when they run into problems.

Also, if possible, find ways to socialize. Learn about your coworkers’ personal lives and build a rapport that goes beyond your work connection. This will deepen your bonds with them.

Realize It Will Take Time

You likely won’t find a best friend on Day One. Some people take time to warm up. It can be tough learning a new job and building strong relationships at the same time. Take it day-by-day and focus on the long term.

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