How Contract Work Can be The Resume Builder You Need

Often, contract work can grow into permanent jobs. One study showed that almost three-quarters of short-term assignments (72%) can lead to staff positions. But even when this isn’t true, a contract posting can become a crucial career enhancer, building your resume and acting as a long-term stepping stone.

This fact has become even more important in the age of the gig economy. Data suggest that 20% of workers currently operate on a contract basis. You can take advantage of this trend to accelerate your professional development.

You just need to know how you can use contract assignments to push your career forward. Here are ways you can make these positions the perfect resume builders:

Leverage Economic Trends

For years now, the world has been trending away from full-time jobs. The rise of the gig economy has impacted more than Uber drivers and food delivery. Professions as diverse as health care workers, accountants, and contractors have drifted towards a contract model.

You can take advantage of this trend to accelerate your career as well. Whatever your chosen industry, you can find part-time or freelance work to add heft to your resume. This way, you can either push for better contract positions or set yourself up for an eventual full-time position.

Expand (or Start) Your Work History

A thin resume will keep you from achieving your dream job. You want to be ready for any opportunity that comes your way. That means having a robust work history ready to impress hiring managers.

Contract work can make that happen. You can easily add line items to your work history. This can help in a variety of circumstances:

Just starting out in your career

  • Re-entering the workforce after a break
  • Changing careers or industries
  • Trying out different opportunities

Build Your Resume Quickly

In general, job searches are long, grueling projects. Relying on full-time positions means dealing with a slog each time you want to switch positions.

Contract work comes at a different pace. Because companies don’t have the same commitment, they often speed up the hiring process for freelancers. Moreover, temporary assignments allow you to jump around more and even hold several part-time positions at the same time.

As a result of these dynamics, your resume can expand quickly. This allows you to fast-track your progress, supercharging your career development.

Become a More Valuable Employee

Landing your dream job means bulking up your value as a potential employee. Contract work makes this possible, letting you expand your abilities. That way, you don’t just add to your work history. You also enhance your career development in other ways.

Here are some of the other benefits that flow from a strategy of pursuing contract work:

Develop New Skills: Each contract assignment lets you add to your toolbox of skills. In the end, this makes you more attractive to future employers.

Connect with Employers: Many freelance gigs come with an opportunity to land permanent positions. Through contract assignments, you can build relationships with employers, opening the door to future chances.

Meet New People: Networking is the key to driving your career forward. Each contract job presents a chance to meet new people and expand your web of contacts.

Ready to get started with contract work? A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can find the perfect assignments to enhance your resume.

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