Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes In Your Interview

You want to make the best impression possible at every job interview. That starts with the easy stuff. Avoid silly mistakes so that you can give the best impression possible.

This is sometimes harder than it sounds. Interviews are over before you know it. Most conversations with prospective employers last less than an hour. Meanwhile, decisions are often made well before that time expires.

At the same time, interviews represent high-stress situations. There are just circumstances that can prompt uncharacteristic errors.

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Elsewhere, there are other steps you can take. Here are a few common mistakes that job seekers make, allowing you to sidestep these easily avoidable errors:

Arriving Early/Late

It always helps to make a good entrance. For a job interview, that means timing your arrival properly.

Better to arrive too early than too late (some hiring managers will scratch off your name instantly if you show up after your scheduled start time). However, if you come aggressively early, you can interrupt schedules and cause potentially awkward situations.

Not Dressing Appropriately

Make sure your attire fits the company’s expectations. Look at the firm’s website and social media to get an idea of its level of formality. (You can learn a lot from pictures of the staff at work.)

However, if there is doubt, you can always ask ahead of the interview if the company has a firm dress code. And remember: it’s always better to be a little overdressed than to show up underdressed.

Failing to Practice

Interviews often feature the same types of questions. As your job search reaches the interview stage, research common interview queries and prepare potential answers. Practice these responses so you can give solid replies each time the topics come up.

Not Coming Prepared

Bring all the materials you’ll need for the interview. This includes items like copies of your resume and any work samples you want to share.

A healthy amount of research should be part of this process of preparation as well. Learn as much as you can about the employer headed into the discussions. You’ll impress your interviewers with a firm knowledge of the company and its products.

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Letting Your Cell Phone Interrupt

Stay focused on the interview. Your phone presents one of the biggest potential distractions. Turn off all notifications — if your phone pings, it can break the rhythm of the interview, even if you ignore it.

Sending the Wrong Vibes

Your attitude matters. In fact, it’s one of the key bits of data employers are looking to register with an interview. Otherwise, they could hire based solely on a resume. As such, look to maintain a winning demeanor by staying:

  • Positive
  • Confident
  • Engaged
  • Professional

Botching the Follow Up

Your work doesn’t end when the interview does. Rather, you can still influence the odds of getting hired once the conversation is over. Sending a thank-you note and having an effective follow-up strategy can maximize your chances of landing the position.

Avoiding these common errors will set you up for interview success. However, you want to go beyond these basic wins. Working with SmartTalent lets you advance your interview skills, even more, letting you operate on the highest level possible.

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