The Benefits of a Morning Routine

Most folks have a morning routine. A recent study showed that nearly nine out of 10 people (88%) have a set program for preparing for work. But do you get enough out of this crucial part of the day?

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However, this is just the first step to success. Once you score that killer position, you also need to excel on a day-to-day basis. A well-considered morning routine makes this possible.

Taking the right pre-work steps can set the tone for the rest of your day. Beyond taking a shower and grabbing a cup of coffee, getting the most out of your morning hours lets you improve productivity and minimize stress. Here’s how:

Benefits of a Morning Routine

Ready to get the most out of your morning routine? A well-ordered regimen can help you maximize the rest of your day. Here are some of the specific benefits you’ll get from a step-by-step pre-work structure:

Maintain Control

Your day can get away from you quickly. Staying organized helps you maintain control. Set the stage from the beginning by creating a morning routine that provides an excellent foundation for the rest of your day.

Lower Stress

Uncertainty breeds stress. A sloppy, disheveled approach to the early part of your day leaves a lot to chance. You can spend the rest of your time running around in a disorganized way, creating unnecessary anxiety.

Avoid Delays

Say you leave something behind as you rush out of the house. Now you have to go back and get it. Wasted time. Forget about that meeting with HR? The process of rescheduling can warp your other plans.

Avoid these delays and hiccups by building a strong morning routine. You’ll have the time and structure necessary to keep track of every aspect of the rest of your day.

Increase Efficiency

A robust morning routine puts you in a productive mood. By the time you’re ready to start work, you’re prepared to get things done. As a result, you’ll complete tasks more efficiently and get more out of the rest of the day.

Stay Healthier

An organized approach to the start of the day sets the stage for a healthier lifestyle. Rather than grabbing fast food, relying on caffeine, and never finding time for exercise, a well-organized routine will help you make better choices for your physical well-being.

Tips to Maximize Your Morning Routine

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Once you land that big chance, you want to set yourself up to do your best every day. That gets easier with a strong morning routine. Here’s what you should do to maximize your pre-work schedule:

Avoid Rushing

Include plenty of time in your morning routine. Trying to squeeze too much into the first few hours of the day can undermine the purpose. You’ll end up rushing, adding to your stress and raising the chances of a mistake.


Find time to get the blood pumping. This can include a workout routine. Or, if you’d rather take a gentler approach, consider something like yoga or a short walk.

Have Breakfast (or Meal Prep for Later)

They say breakfast represents the most important meal of the day. Some people push back against this notion and would rather hold off on eating until lunch. Whatever your preference, make planning your meals part of your morning routine.

Confirm Your Schedule

Set aside time in the morning to prepare for your coming day. Confirm your schedule and lay out your goals. This way, you’ll know what you need to accomplish over the next several hours, helping you to organize your time. In addition, you’ll be better positioned to keep track of your longer-term objectives.

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