Questions You Can Ask Your Interviewer To Impress Them

During a job interview, your destiny will largely be determined by the answers you give. However, there is another component to keep in mind. The questions you ask can also have a bearing on hiring decisions — meaning you should give some thought to the queries most likely to impress your interviewers.

After all, much of the interview takes place outside your control. Your interviewers decide which topics will drive the discussion and set the general pace of the process.

However, there is a point where you get the conversational steering wheel. Most interviews will include a few minutes for you to ask questions. You want to get the most out of this opportunity. To do this, craft questions that let you learn more about the company while also giving you another chance to shine.

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You’ll also need strong interview skills to build a rapport with a prospective employer. Crafting the right questions offers a key step to achieving this goal. With that in mind, here are questions you can ask your interviewer to impress them:

How do you define success in this position?

Show your prospective employer that you aren’t just looking to get by. You want to excel. This question will indicate your desire to do everything possible to succeed in the job. At the same time, you’ll learn more about the position and what it requires on a day-to-day basis.

I saw that your company recently ____. Can you tell me more about that project?

Headed into your interview, you should learn as much as possible about your potential employer. Look at the firm’s website, scroll through its social media feeds, and search for mentions in other outlets.

This question lets you show off that knowledge. Choose a particularly interesting recent initiative from the company and drill down on the details. You’ll discover new information about the firm while showcasing your dedication and research.

Can you give me more details about your company’s culture?

Culture represents a crucial part of any job. In many ways, it defines your connection to the company and represents a critical factor in your level of satisfaction. As such, the more you can learn about the overall work environment, the better positioned you’ll be to make a decision about the opportunity.

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What kind of challenges does someone in this role experience?

Indicate that you aren’t afraid of a challenge. Instead, take an aggressive approach to potential drawbacks that come with the job. This question opens a discussion about these downsides — and gives you a chance to explain how well-positioned you are to overcome them.

Earlier, you mentioned ___. Can you give me more details about that?

Previously, we looked at a question that allowed you to highlight your previous research. Here, you want to use a similar strategy to underline how well you paid attention during the interview.

Call back to a topic that your interviewers covered earlier in the conversation and request additional details. This will bring you more information about a subject that intrigued you. At the same time, you spotlight how engaged you are in the process and how you can dive deep into a discussion.

Do you have any concerns about my experience?

If you have any drawbacks, you might as well deal with them directly. This question lets you learn whether your resume has triggered any red flags. You can use this conversation to counter these concerns and ease any worries your interviewers have.

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