Get Rewarded for Helping a Friend! 

Did you know that SmartTalent has a referral program? And did you know you can win some pretty great prizes through it?

It’s true! The SmartTalent Referral Program is so simple. If you know someone who you think would make a great SmartTalent employee, someone who is looking for a job and could use the help of a staffing agency to find a great opportunity, all you have to do is submit their name to our Referral Program. If that person gets hired by SmartTalent, and works 40 hours, you get $100. 

That’s it! It’s that easy. 

It’s a win-win-win situation: You help your friend find a great job. You help us find a talented, capable and eager employee. And you get paid for it. 

It’s a good feeling to help someone, especially people you care about. And we all know how hard it is when you’re deep in the job search. It can be so frustrating and can feel so lonely. Helping your friend land a new job with SmartTalent can be its own reward, along with seeing how well they fit in with their new team and how much they like their job. You already know the great benefits and pay that come from working with SmartTalent, why not share those perks? 

And how much fun would it be if your friend came to work at the same company where you are? 

Each referral who is successfully hired by SmartTalent earns you $100. You also received a kudo card for each referral, and we don’t limit the number of people you can recommend. 

Those kudos cards are part of another great perk of working for SmartTalent: our employee recognition program! Every month, we draw names for some pretty outstanding prizes: 

  • Gas card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Fred Meyer gift card
  • Fandango gift card
  • Restaurant gift card
  • Seasonal gift basket
  • A prize from the Kudo Corner
  • You might even win a day’s pay! 

We pride ourselves on hiring the best people to work for SmartTalent and to make our clients happy. If you enjoy being a member of our team, it’s time to invite your friends! If you have any questions about how the Referral Program works, just call your local office and ask. 

Thanks for being a great friend and a hard worker! We’re so glad you’re here and can’t wait to meet your friends! #1-866-SMARTWORK

If you have any questions about how the Referral Program works, just call your local office and ask.

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