Supercharge Your Hiring Process with SmartTalent: A Game-Changer for Hiring Managers

Hiring new candidates is just one of those things—a kind of necessary evil—that all managers know they have to do from time to time. But the truth is, it can be a long, laborious process that takes you away from other pressing matters that really should hold your focus.

SmartTalent would like to make a proposal: Let us do the hard work for you. Let us handle the research, the resume screening, and even the initial interview so you can instead concentrate on your other priorities while still having the final say in who joins your team.

Working with a staffing agency like SmartTalent can speed up the interview process while giving you highly qualified candidates to choose from, making for a far more efficient and, maybe, enjoyable process for everyone.

Here’s how working with SmartTalent can supercharge your hiring process and make your life easier while finding the candidates you need to build on your success. 

  1. We can help you find any kind of employee. If you’re looking to hire someone to fill an open position, our recruiters will start with our stable of current job candidates to see if we have someone already within our system ready to start a new position. We can also help find temporary employees if you’re looking for someone to fill in during an absence. Are you coming into a busy season and only needing someone for a short period of time? We can do that too! Full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary, temp-to-permanent—whatever it is, SmartTalent can find the right person for your job.
  2. We have the tools you need. If you’re reviewing resumes, you’re looking only at the response to the job you’ve posted. The applicants you receive are the applicants you receive. By partnering with SmartTalent, you gain access to all of our resources and tools, many of which we’ll use on your behalf. Our recruiters can help bring your job vacancy to the attention of our candidates, but we can also send that same post to other candidates, share it across our network, and scour professional networking websites to find people whose work experience matches the keywords, elements, abilities, and skills you’re looking for. We’ll reach out to them on your behalf and gauge their interest in considering new options. Not only that, we can review resumes and applications that are submitted through our online portal to see whether people are a good fit for the position, offering skills assessments to find the best candidates before passing them along to you. 
  3. We’ll manage the employees we send to you. If you bring on board someone we’ve brought to your company, we take responsibility for many of their HR-related tasks, including payroll. Many employees will be placed with you under our supervision, meaning we can handle any questions, concerns, or complaints, and, if needed, we can even handle termination while finding you another qualified candidate. This means you don’t have to worry about official onboarding, completing tax forms, or any of the other administrative work that takes up so much time with new hires. 
  4. You’ll get our full attention. With SmartTalent as your staffing partner, you’ll have four dedicated recruiters working on your needs, scouring for the best candidates, and handling your questions and their inquiries. We stand by our track record of being able to fill open positions 11% faster than the competition because we know time is money, and every second counts when you’re understaffed or shorthanded. We can work with you to boost searchability for your online job posting and can provide advice on how to improve the look and searchability of your website, helping to draw in more candidates organically. After we’ve proven ourselves and our worth to speed up your hiring process, we think you’ll come back time and again, understanding that our priority is your satisfaction.

Want to learn more about how SmartTalent can decrease your time to hire and make it easier to find quality candidates? Give us a call today! We’re ready to answer your questions and provide more details on how our process works, and when you’re ready, we’ll be happy to get started toward achieving your goals.

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