HR Strategies: The Importance of Reference Checks

SmartTalent - Reference CheckReference checks are vital in today’s high-tech world because they help companies separate the contenders from the pretenders when it comes to filling job vacancies. It is important for all companies filling jobs to check on references supplied by candidates. References are there for a reason; they provide companies an honest (for the most part) review of the candidate from school, a previous job, or a current job. When a company does not check references, it opens them up to hiring a candidate who could become a problem in the office quickly.

Reference Checks Reduce the Field

When a company checks on references, it helps whittle down the number of candidates available for the open positions. For the most part, one in five candidates will be eliminated from the competition for a job due to the references on their resume. Overall, some 21 percent of candidates are dropped from the running due to their references. Whether they received a bad review from a reference, or lied about their reference, they no longer find themselves in the running for the open job.

Gain Input on Previous Work

One of the most important reason for reference checks today is to obtain background information on the candidate’s prior work. Whether this is work being done at a current job or multiple previous jobs, a reference will be able to tell a future employer how the candidate operates. The review will include how the candidate fit-in with co-workers, whether or not the candidate met deadlines, and how the candidate fit with the corporate culture.

A reference check will also help employers find out if candidates told the truth about their previous job titles and positions held as mentioned on their resume. When these references confirm that the job titles and positions were true, then the candidate will remain in the running for the job. If there is any incorrect information, the candidate could be removed from the running.

Look for Facts More Often Than Opinions

It is best to look for facts when checking references. Although it is good to hear the opinions from the references of the candidate, you really want the facts. Facts tell the story of a candidate much better and more definitively than the opinions of a former boss, co-worker, mentor or professor.

Ask for More References

Many companies find themselves requesting more references, but not from the candidate. Instead, if the company is not receiving the answers it wants, or is not being given a good amount of information, then it can request another reference from the initial reference. This is an excellent way to learn more about the candidate on various levels.

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