Setting Career Goals for the New Year

SmartTalent - Setting Career GoalsAs we approach 2015, it is important to set career goals. No matter where you are right now in your career, having attainable goals makes it easier to achieve the success you desire. In today’s post we will discuss some of the best career goals for the new year and how to go about achieving them in a timely manner.

Build a Stronger Network

One of the most important goals you should set for the new year is building a stronger network. It does not matter how many people are in your network, but how strong they are as contacts. You do not need people in your network who you have not been in touch with for five years or more, who are not working in your industry anymore or who are not in the workforce anymore. Your network should contain contacts who are at various levels of their careers and who know what you are capable of as an employee.

In order to reach this goal you need to become more active around the office, attend industry events and become more active on social media. For example, try to acquire five new connections on LinkedIn each month, but make sure they are appropriate connections.

Earn a Higher Degree

If you are looking to take your career to a new level, you should consider earning a higher degree in 2015. If you have an associate degree, aim for a bachelor’s degree. If you have a bachelor’s degree, aim for a master’s degree. Plenty of companies will provide their employees with tuition reimbursement, so do a little research into your company’s policies and enroll in a program.

In order to reach this goal, make sure you find out what type of tuition reimbursement is offered by your employer. Then, enroll in courses at a local college or university and begin to work towards a higher degree.

Earn a Promotion

Another excellent goal to set for yourself in 2015 is to earn a promotion. You might be comfortable in your current position, but it could be time to move up the ladder at the office so you can further your career. Another thing that fits into this category is earning a raise.

For you to reach this goal you will need to sit down with your supervisor and present your case. Point out all of the achievements you have reached this year and respectfully let your supervisor know why it is you deserve a raise.

As we move closer to the new year, it is important to set career goals to work towards in 2015. Contact the staffing experts at SmartTalent today to put a plan in place for your career goals.

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