Does Your Work Environment Encourage Productivity?

We spend most of our waking lives at work. In some cases, we end up spending more time in the company of our co-workers than we do with our friends or families. Creating a positive working environment becomes central in achieving long-term life satisfaction.

But, of course, you’re running a business. A working environment doesn’t just exist as an incubator for personal bliss. You want to create a situation that stimulates productivity and encourages efficient output.

Luckily, these two goals (a positive experience for workers and an environment conducive to high productivity) are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they usually feed on each other. Happy and secure workers are also productive and efficient ones.

With that in mind, here are four aspects to keep in mind to make your workplace the most productive one possible:

Physical Health

Your office probably isn’t an abandoned coal mine. It doesn’t have leaking barrels of toxic waste stored in the closets or piping hot chemicals running in troughs through the hallways.

Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t physical dangers to look out for. Make sure your workers are safe and secure. Maintain the highest safety standards, and watch for things like air quality and temperature. A comfortable and confident workforce is able to maintain the highest levels of efficiency.

Emotionally Supportive

Beyond their physical safety, workers should feel emotionally secure in their work environments. They should be protected from bullying, from both management and co-workers. You should keep all communications with them professional and constructive … the goal is to get work done, not cause hurt feelings.

Meanwhile, you should have protocols in place to arbitrate any worker disputes that arise. Having the infrastructure in place to diffuse any conflicts before they escalate will allow you to keep the highest possible team spirit.

Harassment Protections

In the wake of the #MeToo era, every company should be aggressive in implementing proper protections against predatory workplace situations.

All workers should feel comfortable coming to management if an incident takes place. There should be clear policies in place to spell out acceptable workplace behavior, along with procedures for dealing with complaints and violations. You should respond to any allegations quickly, with sensitivity and a sense of purpose.

Two-Way Communications

Don’t be afraid of complaints. You might not be able to fix every problem that comes up (“no, we can’t work outside on every nice summer day … and no, we can’t give everyone every Friday off”). But providing workers a voice can keep complaints from metastasizing into long-term morale problems.

Having a method for acquiring feedback gives you the opportunity to reply, improving what you can and responding to those things that are outside your power to fix. The mere fact that you’ve listened can go a long way to building a positive relationship.

Having a safe and encouraging work environment represents one factor in developing a creative and productive team. Hiring the right staff provides another factor. A top-flight staffing firm, like SmartTalent, can ensure your team has the competent, energetic workers you need.

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