How to Make Your Application Stand Out

Hiring managers usually take a quick glance at job applications and decide within seconds whether to toss your application or move you on to the next phase. You want to make sure you catch the eye of the hiring manager and come across as a candidate they must call. This means submitting a great application.

But, how exactly can you make sure the application you submit stands out from the crowd? Follow these three key tips:

  • Include key terms and phrases from the job description: Hiring managers want to see right away whether you have the desired skills they are looking for. You should read job ads carefully and make sure your resume mirrors the language and descriptions the job ad specifies the company is looking for. This not only shows the hiring manager you fit their desired criteria, it also illustrates you’ve taken the time to customize your application material.
  • Keep it short and simple: Hiring managers must look through hundreds of resumes, and they do not have a ton of time to devote to each one. If you submit a lengthy resume that’s a long read for the hiring manager, chances are they won’t bother to look closely enough to see your accomplishments. You should make sure a quick glance at your resume allows the hiring manager to immediately see you’d be an asset to the organization, since a quick glance is all your resume may get.
  • Provide objective proof of accomplishments: When a hiring manager looks at your resume, they’re looking for evidence you have a desired skill set. If you can provide clear, quantifiable evidence you have the skills the hiring manager is looking for, you’re more likely to advance in the application process. For example, if you’re looking for a customer service job and you won an award for service at your old job, emphasize this reward as clear proof of your accomplishment.

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