5 Qualities Confident People Display in an Interview

SmartTalent - 5 Qualities Confident People Display in an InterviewJob interviews can be incredibly stressful, even for the most seasoned job market veteran. In order to succeed in a job interview, you must know how to be confident without being cocky or presumptuous.

Take Note of the Opportunities

You might be on a job interview with your current employer because you have applied for a promotion or another type of job within the organization. At some point during the interview, shortcomings and setbacks will be discussed. Use these as opportunities to explain how you have grown during your career and what you will do to avoid those issues in the future.

Sell Yourself Without Sounding Overly Confident

Even though you might feel comfortable talking about your past during a job interview, you need to do so in a manner that shows self-assurance without coming across in a negative way. This can be a very thin line to walk, but it must be done to show the interviewer what you have accomplished. When asked about your most successful moment from your career, talk about it in a manner that shows your worth to the company, but does not come across as bragging.

Listen More Than you Talk

A job interview is supposed to be a conversation with the employer, not an interrogation, but you should still listen more than you talk on your next job interview. The more you listen, the more you will learn. You will also hear answers to questions you might have planned to ask at some point. By listening more than you talk during a job interview, the employer will know you are dedicated to learning as much as possible in your career.

Admit to Mistakes

When the employer asks you of a mistake you made in a previous job, do not hesitate to discuss that mistake. Being open and willing to discuss this mistake will show poise as an employee. It will also show the employer that you have the confidence to admit to a mistake and explain how you fixed said mistake.

Be Appreciative

If the employer compliments you on a strong resume or something else from your career, don’t sidestep the compliment, be gracious about it. You should also show appreciation for being brought in for an interview by thanking the employer in person and with a handwritten thank-you note afterwards.

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