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SmartTalent - Networking for CandidatesNetworking for candidates is one of the most important parts of your job search, as many people get started in their careers because of their personal connections.  While you may not have a vast network of your own yet, staffing professionals have connections in top businesses in your area and can assist you in jumpstarting the networking process. If you want to get your foot in the door with businesses in your area, reaching out to a recruiter to build your network and get access to job opportunities is a smart choice.

Networking Tips and Advice for Candidates

There are a lot of reasons why networking has become an essential part of job searching.  With so many potential candidates out there looking for jobs, hiring managers often narrow down the talent pool by looking for candidates who have a personal connection. If a recruiter the company trusts recommends you, or if you get an intro from a professional that the hiring manager knows, you are much more likely to be considered for any job.  

So, how do you make these personal connections and build your professional network? Consider this advice:

  • Reach out to staffing professionals: Staffing professionals make it their business to become well known in the local business community. A good recruiter or top staffing agency is going to know who is hiring and is going to have a trusted reputation for recommending qualified candidates. When you work with a recruiter or turn to a staffing agency, you’ll get access to their network and you’ll get a personal introduction to hiring professionals in businesses where you are likely to be a good match for open positions.
  • Take advantage of the Internet: The Internet has made networking easier than ever. You can use sites like LinkedIn to connect with people in your industry and to connect with former classmates or acquaintances who may be working in companies with open positions.  You can build a professional network using social media and find out about new opportunities from those with inside information.
  • Join groups in your area: There are professional groups and networking groups throughout western Washington where you can meet industry insiders and make connections. You may find out about job opportunities and you can also brush up on your people skills and your professional knowledge by talking to others in your field.

Job searching is difficult, but it is easier when you have a solid professional network to turn to. The staffing professionals at SmartTalent have a strong network you can capitalize on, so reach out to recruiters at SmartTalent today to jumpstart your search for employment.


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