LinkedIn Etiquette: How to Act on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a centerpiece of any wide-ranging job search. The company boasts over 830 million total members, with 50 million users looking for career opportunities each week. Given this scope, are you doing enough to get the most out of the platform?

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Maximizing your LinkedIn experience starts with understanding basic etiquette. Like any social activity, there are rules (both formal and informal) that guide activity on the platform. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Basic Business Etiquette on LinkedIn and Other Social Media

Social media has become a crucial tool in everyone’s career-building process. Glassdoor reported results from a study showing that nearly eight out of 10 job seekers (79%) leverage social media as part of their job searches.

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Even as you enhance your approach through SmartTalent, a strong LinkedIn presence is necessary to get the most out of your career. However, even with its widespread acceptance, many professionals don’t know the best practices to get the most out of their online presence. This leads to stumbles and miscommunications that can create unfortunate setbacks.

With that in mind, here are some basic rules to consider when using LinkedIn and other social media to push your career forward:

Don’t Spam

Yes, you want to expand your network aggressively. But push too hard and you’ll only alienate potential allies. As such, you need to stay judicious about your efforts.

Find a balance. Enact an ambitious plan to add contacts. But, at the same time, avoid spamming potential networking targets.

Respond as promptly as Possible

When you receive connection requests or other communications, respond as quickly as possible. This means you need to stay engaged with the site generally. A prompt reaction helps you build relationships and jump on opportunities as soon as they arise.

Avoid Controversial Subjects

LinkedIn isn’t Twitter. Remember that the underlying goal is to push your career forward. As such, you need to stay professional and as free of controversy as possible.

Respect Boundaries

As you look to expand your network, respect each person’s specific boundaries. Some professionals don’t mind adding people they’ve never met. Others want a more obvious connection before connecting on LinkedIn.

Maintain a Positive, Professional Demeanor

Keep in mind that LinkedIn represents a career-oriented service. As such, your tone should reflect the overall purpose of the platform. Remain upbeat and professional in your approach to content.

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

Learning the fundamental expectations on LinkedIn will keep you from being embarrassed. However, you want to go beyond this goal. Instead, you should discover how to get the most out of the platform to maximize your career prospects.

Here are some tips that will help you unlock your potential on LinkedIn:

Give Recommendations

Remember that networking is a two-way street. If you expect to get a boost from your professional connections, you should plan on being proactive about giving help when needed. This starts with giving recommendations.

Be generous with individuals in your network. Provide advice and steer them towards opportunities. The more engaged you are in the overall process, the higher the chances someone will be there to give you a hand when your career comes to a crossroads.

Personalize Responses

The little touches matter. People are often inundated with requests on LinkedIn. To get noticed, personalize your approaches.

Let your contacts know how they appeared on your radar and what an ongoing connection could mean. This increases your chances of sparking a conversation and provides the seed for a long-term relationship.

Stay Active

The more you put into your LinkedIn experience, the more you get out of it. Like any social media network, you’ll get rewarded for engagement. By posting comments and responding to others, you’ll build connections and expand your footprint on the platform.

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