What to Say to Candidates You Do Not Hire

SmartTalent - What to say to candidates you do not hireWhenever your company is hiring staff, there are going to be some job applicants who end up disappointed. Sometimes, candidates may get pretty far into the hiring process before your business decides to go another way. Those you do not hire should be let down easy so your company doesn’t lose a contact that could be helpful to you in the future.  As you inform the candidates you’ve decided they are not right for the job, you also need to be careful that you do not open your business up to any claims of unfair or discriminatory hiring practices.

What to Say to Candidates You Do Not Hire

Planning in advance what to tell applicants who don’t make the cut is a smart choice when hiring staff so you can develop a script that maintains a friendly relationship and that doesn’t put your business at risk of litigation. These tips will help you decide what replies are most appropriate for those who won’t be joining your staff:

  • Personalize the letter and thank the applicant for their interest.  Address the candidate by name and, when possible, try to include authentic compliments.  Job applicants have spent time and invested their hopes in the position, and you want to make sure you recognize their desire to work for your business.  You want to part with the candidate on good terms so they don’t badmouth your business and so your company maintains a professional connection.
  • Consider stating the reason the applicant did not get the position. You can point to job qualifications that the candidate may not have had, or simply state that there was another candidate who was a better fit. Politely offering a reason why the applicant did not get the job can help to protect your business from claims of unfair hiring practices.
  • Explain company policy on whether resumes are kept on file, or offer the applicant the opportunity to apply again – if you mean it.  If you think the candidate was a good one and might be a better fit for a different position in your business somewhere down the line, let the candidate know you want to keep the lines of communication open.

SmartTalent can help you to find a large pool of qualified professionals who your company may be excited to hire. With help from our staffing agency, you’ll be able to choose the most qualified candidate from a group of professionals who could all become successful staff members. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your business with hiring staff who will excel.


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