Four Reasons to Hire Veterans

SmartTalent - Civilian Job StrategiesWhen your company needs candidates to fill open positions, make sure you get capable workers with the right skills and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment. While there are lots of things to consider as you evaluate job seekers, one credential can stand out from others: military service. There are a lot of benefits to hiring veterans and your company should strongly consider giving these candidates a close look.

Hiring veterans may be the best choice for your business because:

  1. Veterans have leadership skills. The military trains people to lead through effective delegation, and also trains people to become leaders by being motivating and inspiring. Veterans understand the importance of setting goals, taking responsibility, ensuring accountability, and following through on achievement.
  2. Veterans have a deep understanding of team work. For veterans, working together with others can often be a matter of life and death. Military members work with people from different backgrounds with different life experiences and come together to form teams that can get great things done.       The ability to work effectively with others and to embrace genuine cooperation on a team will translate well into your work environment.
  3. Veterans have a proven ability to learn new concepts. Veterans have many transferable skills from their military service and are ready and willing to learn the new skills your business needs to ensure success. Most military members are quick learners who can grasp new concepts with ease.
  4. Veterans can perform efficiently under pressure. No matter how stressful your work environment is when you are busy or when your company is growing, it will not match the situations military members experience when serving their country. Veterans can keep cool under pressure and thrive in even the most fast-paced and high-stakes work environments.

SmartTalent is a trusted staffing service offering assistance to job seekers and employers in Kirkland, Fife, and Renton. We have a strong network of qualified job candidates ready to begin working for your business, and many of those candidates are veterans. To learn more about how our staffing professionals can help your company make great hires, give us a call today.


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