Hot Jobs: Overhead Crane Operator

SmartTalent - Overhead CraneThe Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified multiple fields where crane operators are employed, including crane and tower operators and construction equipment operators. Within the different professions where crane operators can find work, demand is expected to increase faster than average. This means individuals who operate heavy equipment should find ample opportunities to turn their knowledge and talent into a productive position and a great living.

SmartTalent can help. Our staffing professionals have open jobs now and can assist you in finding a hot job as an overhead crane operator. Working in this position will involve:

  • Helping to ensure orders can be fulfilled. You will be using a crane to pull and fill orders, as well as pulling and filling orders by hand when smaller products are needed. You will also be moving steel products and loading them into containers for shipments. Either a sit down or stand up forklift may also be used to perform this work.
  • Quality control. You will be in charge of keeping bays organized and tidy, as well as monitoring the quality of products when you are handling the products while you fill orders.
  • Maintaining plant operations. Your work environment will be a busy warehouse and you can do your part by handling duties around the warehouse that are necessary to keep everything operating efficiently. Self-motivated employees who are able to work independently tend to excel in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Those with at least one year of experience operating a crane in a manufacturing setting or in a warehouse should be able to find a great job with competitive pay and good benefits. There are temporary positions available now for workers who want to build their resumes or get their foot in the door with a great company looking for an overhead crane operator.

You can start immediately, and staffing professionals will make sure you have the best opportunities working in a job that values knowledge of heavy equipment. Contact SmartTalent today to explore your options for working as an overhead crane operator and to see if this hot job is a good fit for your skills and abilities.


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