Word Choice During an Interview

SmartTaolent - Word Choice During an InterviewWhen you are involved in a job search and you get an interview for a position, you want to ensure that you make the most favorable impression possible. Interviewing can be stressful, but you want to always put your best foot forward and show the hiring manager why you are the most qualified candidate.

As you answer questions and provide information during the interview process, it is important to remember the words you use matter. Think carefully about your word choice to avoid causing offense and costing yourself the job. For example, you should:

  • Use professional language and industry terms. If the job you are interviewing for requires any technical knowledge, hiring managers are going to expect you to know the jargon.  If you’re just getting into the industry or you haven’t worked in a while, study the essential vocabulary before your interview so you can understand and use words that are relevant to the industry.
  • Stay away from slang. Avoid slang terms during your interview process, as well as in any written communications. Whether you are talking to the interviewer, sending an email or even sending a text, stay away from casual language and keep things professional.
  • Never swear. Avoid using swear words or profane language which could cause offense. 
  • Avoid negative words. If you’re asked about your past jobs, your weaknesses, or any other questions which could have an unpleasant answer, don’t say anything negative. Instead, provide the most positive and upbeat answers you can to portray yourself in the most favorable light possible.

Excelling in an interview is one of the key steps to getting a great job – but you need to get the interview first. A staffing service can help you land interviews at top companies in your area that have open positions you would be a good fit for. SmartTalent offers assistance to job seekers in Kirkland, Lynnwood, Renton, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


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