How Much Should You Read into Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication - SmartTalentDuring the interview process, you want to learn as much about the candidate as possible so you can decide if they are going to be a good fit for your company. People looking for jobs are trying to make a favorable impression on your business, so you need to evaluate whether the things a candidate says are true or not. You should also look for nonverbal cues which could suggest an employee’s true level of interest in the job.

While nonverbal communication is important, it can also be misleading. You should give some credence to the impression made by a candidate’s body language; however, be careful not to read too much into it. You should:

  • Understand what nonverbal messages to look for. Pay attention to the job seeker’s handshake; whether he makes eye contact; what his posture is; what the candidate does with his hands; and whether the candidate is fidgeting too much. 
  • Evaluate the messages the candidate is conveying. Poor eye contact or poor posture can convey disinterest, while a handshake that is too hard could suggest arrogance. A candidate who sits straight in the seat, makes appropriate eye contact, and is smiling can be a sign of a candidate who is both confident and interested.
  • Remember that nerves may play a role. While you could discount a candidate for nonverbal communication that makes him seem standoffish or disinterested, remember that a job seeker is usually very nervous during the interview process. Before you give too much weight to nonverbal communication and reject an otherwise qualified candidate, carefully consider whether nerves were the reason for the closed-off stance.

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