Hot Job: Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

Are you passionate about helping construction and production companies create a safe working environment? Do you understand the risks associated with chemical use and the importance of training staff members on maintaining a safe work environment when dealing with hazardous materials?

If this sounds like you, there are hot jobs open right now for an environmental health and safety specialist you may be a great fit for. SmartTalent can help you connect with a company hiring a specialist to help maintain a safe working environment by managing environmental health risks. Your duties at this position would include:

Planning and supervising procedures that could create an environmental health risk. When filters or other fixtures must be changed out, hazardous waste must be shipped, storm water must be managed or chemical inventories must be maintained, you will take the lead. You’ll be planning and overseeing change outs that not only comply with safety requirements but that also implement all appropriate processes and protocols to make dealing with dangerous materials as safe as possible.

  • Facilitating training in employee safety. A key part of your role will involve helping plan and contribute to employee orientation, emergency response training and the coordination of programs aimed at teaching employees how to avoid accidents and respond to emergencies.
  • Recordkeeping and inventory management. You’ll need to maintain equipment log entries, conduct a check of safety equipment, do an inventory of safety equipment, inspect and report on hazardous waste storage, update hazardous waste logs and replace safety equipment as needed.  You’ll also need to check safety functions, track hazardous waste shipments, and make sure the company has appropriate hazard signs.
  • Regulatory compliance. You’ll oversee and take charge of compliance with OSHA’s hazardous communications standards, hazardous waste annual reports, pollution prevention plans and more.

You are qualified for this job if you have a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies or a related field; real-world work experience in environmental health and safety; strong computer skills; and certifications in first aid, CPR and hazardous waste materials.

Reach out to SmartTalent today to find out about opportunities to work as an environmental health and safety specialist if you have the right qualifications. We can also help you to find other work in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas, so give our staffing service a call today.

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