Are You Struggling to Find the Candidates You Need?

Unemployment rates have recently hit record lows and there are many jobs currently going unfilled. This is frustrating if you’re recruiting. If your company is having trouble hiring the candidates it needs, this can impede productivity and growth. You’ll need to rectify your hiring issues quickly so you can put together a strong team to help your company succeed … but how can you do that? Follow these key tips to ensure your recruiting is effective at keeping your company fully staffed even during times of low unemployment:

  • Work with a staffing agency or recruiting professionals: Staffing agencies have vast networks of qualified candidates, many of whom would be a good fit for your organization. A skilled staffing professional knows what kinds of companies click with what candidates, and recruiters will work hard to send you only candidates who have a reasonable chance of moving forward in the application process and potentially getting hired.
  • Protect your company brand as an employer: Today, you can use social media to look up candidates … but candidates can also use a variety of websites to look up your company. There are sites providing reviews from past employees, and if those reviews are bad, it could potentially dissuade talented professionals from coming to work for you. In fact, any hint of a reputation scandal can make an impact on chasing potential staff members away.
  • Be open-minded about job candidates you are looking for: You may have a vision of who should do the job, but the perfect candidate exists only in your mind. If you aren’t having luck finding the perfect person who meets all your criteria, consider bringing someone on board who may not have exactly the skills you were hoping for, but who could potentially take a unique approach to the job or potentially bring new capabilities into your organization.

SmartTalent has helped many companies to overcome hiring challenges in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas. Our trusted staffing service will make your recruiting process easy and will help you not only fill positions, but to find candidates who continually exceed your expectations. To find out more about how our staffing service can help with your hiring efforts, give us a call today.

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