Time for a Change? Implement it Smoothly With These Tips

Change is good for your organization, as your company needs to evolve in order to thrive. However, while you don’t want to become stagnant, it’s also important to handle transitions carefully so team members don’t become frustrated and your productivity doesn’t decline.

Developing the right plans for change implementation can mean the difference between success and failure. Some of the key steps you should take if making a change at your organization include:

  • Involving the key stakeholders in the decision-making process: When staff members’ roles are changing because your organization is evolving, it’s important to let those staff members have as much autonomy as possible. When staff members feel they are part of the change instead of having the change imposed upon them, they’re much more likely to adapt well to the new normal. Your staff may also have valuable insight to share into how your company can evolve and change to enhance productivity.
  • Sharing the motivations and goals for the change: If staff members understand why change is happening and know the reasons behind the modifications, they are more likely to be eager to accept and embrace change.
  • Providing training and support: Staff members don’t want to be left confused about new processes and protocols that exist because of the change – and you don’t want staff to be uninformed about new processes, or productivity could be affected. Be sure to provide adequate training on all new tools or processes being implemented so staff members don’t feel lost or start looking for new jobs that are more in their comfort zone.
  • Helping staff to see where they fit in: One big reason people resist change in the corporate world is because of fear about what change means to their jobs. If you’re not planning on cutting staff, explain that to set minds at ease.

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