5 Signs Its Time to Find a New Job

There are lots of reasons why it might be time to move on from your current company. Maybe you’ve outgrown the position. Maybe the company’s prospects have diminished. Whatever the reason, you need to stay alert to signs it’s time to find a new job. 

As with so much else in life, timing is everything. You want to stay at a position as long as it engages your interest and fulfills your long-term goals. However, you don’t want to look back on your career and have regrets about staying too long in a bad situation. For that reason, its important to spot the occasionally subtle signs that it’s time to move on. 

Here are five things to look out for as you decide whether you want to start searching for a new opportunity: 

You Hate Going to Work 

Even dream jobs have frustrating elements. It’s an inevitable aspect of any routine responsibility. As such, you shouldn’t mistake an occasional boring or exasperating day as a sign that you should chuck everything and find a new career.   

That said, heading to work should be a relatively pleasant experience. You should like your job and look forward to performing your main tasks. If this isn’t true, and if you consistently hate your current job, it’s a clear sign that some changes should take place. 

You Live for the Weekend  

A bad work situation doesn’t need to develop into full-blown hate.  You may find yourself in a position where you tolerate your job and focus your energies on your extracurricular activities. That isn’t bad, per se, but it still acts as a sign that your career has stalled. 

Ideally, you should remain engaged in your job. You should look to add responsibility and build your skill base. If you have become checked out, you might need to consider a change. Otherwise, you could find yourself trapped in a deadend position, with your professional life looping around a career cul-de-sac. 

You Keeping Having Personal Confrontations  

Sometimes, we aren’t aware of our own emotional states. You might feel engaged and interested in your job. However, your behavior might suggest something else entirely.  If you keep experiencing flareups with those around you, it might be a sign of some simmering underlying frustration. 

If you feel like you have conflicts with your bosses or your coworkers more than is healthy, there might be a broader problem at play. It might not be the people involved. It might just be the position is not right for you. 

You’ve Stopped Learning New Things 

So far, we’ve looked at how you feel about your job. However, that’s not the only consideration. You might love your job. Yet, you also have to think about how the position fits into your longterm goals.  

Building a career requires constant forward motion. You should grasp for new responsibility and seek out fresh experiences. If your present situation doesn’t give you enough opportunity to learn and to grow, you should consider finding a more enriching situation. 

You Worry about the Company’s Future  

Think of the old breakup cliché: “it’s not you, it’s me.” Well, sometimes it is them.  

Your fate is tied, at least in part, to the future of the company you work for. If they succeed, you have an opportunity to succeed with them. However, if a company gets stuck, your advancement potential suddenly diminishes. If your company doesn’t seem primed for future growth, it might be time to find a better prospect somewhere else. 

Deciding to find a new job is never easy. However, teaming with a top-ranked recruiting firm, like SmartTalent, can ease the transition. They can help you find the perfect position to maximize your experience and talent. 

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