Job Description Updates That Will Gain You More Applicants

Think of how much effort job seekers put into their resumes—agonizing over every word, weighing potential formats, obsessively proofreading it over and over. Do you put the same care into crafting your job descriptions?

You probably should. After all, in most cases, these posts provide your main introduction to the talent you hope to recruit. Just like with a resume, every bit of information plays a part in determining your chances of finding the best candidate.

And your margin of error can be surprisingly thin. One study found that job seekers spend an average of 14 seconds scanning a job description. Fail in that quarter of a minute, and you might miss out on an amazing employee.

Given this dynamic, it might be time to upgrade your job descriptions. Here are some upgrades you can make to help you attract more (and better) applicants:

Optimize Job Title

The job title acts as the headline of your posting — the first point where you can attract a high-value candidate. As such, review whether you have the ideal presentation. Consider the best wording, to sum up the position in a way that draws the applicants you want most.

Give an Executive Summary

Yes, candidates should read an entire job posting before applying. But how do they know whether they want to keep reading? Including a summary at the start of your job description will give an easy starting point for any candidate.

Make Sure You’ve Included All the Basics

Check that your job description has a comprehensive list of the position’s fundamental details. Imagine yourself as a job seeker. Does the post include everything you would need to gauge whether you should apply?

Here are some of the elements you should consider, including:

  • Job Title
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Qualifications Required
  • Company Details
  • Schedule
  • Pay Range
  • Desirable Soft Skills

Remove Jargon

Updating a job description doesn’t just mean adding something new. It can also involve removing items that undermine your chances of attracting the best candidates. As such, pull out as much jargon as possible.

Cut Aggressive Sales Language

Yes, you want to entice top talent to apply for a position at your company. But you don’t want to sound like a spam email. In some cases, this means toning down some of your more aggressive sales pitches.

Master the Appropriate Tone

Don’t just think about what you say in your job description. Consider how you say it as well. You communicate a lot about your company by presenting the optimal tone for your job description. Work on the prose style, making sure you produce an engaging, interesting entry point for potential applicants.

Link to Further Information

High-value candidates will want to do additional research. For them, your job description will only act as a first step. Make this process easier. Include links in your job description to resources that provide further information about your company and the position.

Include Multimedia

An intimidating block of text can cause a candidate’s eyes to glaze over. From the start, you want your potential employees engaged in your company and in their prospective roles. Ensure early enthusiasm by spicing up your job descriptions with materials like pictures, graphs, and videos.

Point to Long-Term Opportunities

Top candidates don’t just look for a job. They want a long-term chance to build their careers. Signal that your company offers these kinds of advancements.

Talk More About Culture

Explain to a potential candidate what it’s like to work at your company. Share your goals and vision. These details will help inspire prospective applicants and encourage them to become part of a welcoming, winning team.

Finding the right candidates requires attention to every detail. By teaming with a top recruiter, like SmartTalent, you get the insight and expertise you need to take your hiring process to the next level.

Contact SmartTalent today to get the most out of your recruiting efforts.


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