Why Now Might Be the Best Time to Survey Employees

It’s official: 2020 has been a mess. The coronavirus outbreak threw everyone’s business plans into disarray. Now, it looks like many of the restrictions will be lifting soon. However, a return to normal operations might involve a complicated process.  

Getting insights from your employees can help. The info you gather from them can smooth the process and allow you to ramp up your business more quickly. Do what you can to learn from your workers as you plan your next move.  

In other words, now might be the best time to survey your employees.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you run the process: 

Check-In on Your Team 

The restrictions caused by COVID-19 have created many stressful situations. Maybe you were forced to lay off some of your workers or limit their hours during the lockdown. Even if you’ve had your employees working from home on a full schedule during the crisis, they still likely dealt with significant anxiety.  

By surveying your employees now, you can get a glimpse of what they’re dealing with. It gives you a chance to check on your team, and gain insight about the challenges they face. 

Provide Better Support  

The coronavirus crisis developed quickly. Companies went from normal operation to lockdown conditions in the matter of a few days. As a result, most of the procedures and infrastructure had to be improvised 

To create a more productive system going forward, you need to know how your employees are getting the job done. Surveys can grant you significant insight into their day-to-day routines. With this information, you can figure out what kind of support will allow them to reach optimal productivity. 

Gather Feedback on Safety Concerns 

Many state and local governments have already started to relax their coronavirus restrictions. Even if your workers live in one of the more restrictive areas, COVID-19 won’t last forever. Eventually, your team will return to your facility.  

This transition could be awkward, as your workers worry about safety concerns related to the coronavirus. A survey can let you know their opinions on these matters. You’ll be better positioned to answer questions and assuage their concerns. 

Prepare to Reopen 

Safety is only one part of the transition back to normal. There are a host of operational and logistical concerns to keep in mind. Thanks to their position on the front lines of your business, your employees will have an excellent idea of what other challenges might come up as you emerge from lockdown. A survey can unlock these insights. 

Spark Communication  

Social distancing can take its toll on communication. Of course, many of your workers can operate effectively on a remote basis. But having your team spread out geographically can stunt your ability to discuss important topics. Zoom meetings and text exchanges aren’t always enough. 

A survey can help invigorate healthy back-and-forth communication. By inviting feedback, you open the door to meaningful innovation and nurture an inclusive corporate culture. 

Prepare Better Contingency Plans 

COVID-19 has been a once-in-a-generation economic crisis. However, there is no way to know that a similar outbreak won’t strike again. Having the right contingency plan in place will allow your business to survive the next pandemic if it ever arises. A properly administered survey can help you prepare. 

Surveys help you include your employees in the process of preparing for, and responding to, crisis situations. They become even more effective when you have top-notch employees. By working with a strong recruiting partner, like SmartTalent, you attract the innovative workers you need to take your business to the next level. 

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