Time Management Techniques for Busy Managers

Time Management Techniques for Busy Managers

Do you feel in control of your day? As a busy manager, you may feel like your delicately planned schedule quickly gets engulfed in emergencies and side quests, never leaving you enough time to push your core goals forward as quickly as you’d like.

If it makes you feel better, you’re not alone in feeling harried and overwhelmed. One study found that more than half of people (56%) do not feel under control of their workday. For supervisors, these issues only become more acute.

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Still, you also need to take steps to grab control of your day. With that in mind, here are some time management techniques for busy managers:

Set Goals

Going into the day, know what you want to accomplish. Imagine yourself going to sleep at night. At that point, what progress would define a successful day? Use that perspective to inform your scheduling choices.

Review Your Day Ahead of Time

With your personal objectives in mind, look at your schedule for the day. Prepare for any meetings you have and pinpoint times that you have open. From there, you can make more specific decisions about how to invest your attention.

Be Realistic

You likely won’t be able to get everything done during the day. It’s better to admit that early rather than feel disappointed when you come up short later. As you move through your schedule, be realistic about what you can accomplish.


Given the restraints on your time and the reality that some tasks will need to wait, it’s important to prioritize. Focus on time-sensitive, important tasks and let less-pressing items with longer deadlines linger for another day.


Don’t try to do everything yourself. Use your team to reduce your burden and save your attention for tasks that truly require your particular abilities. Delegate whatever responsibilities you can, maximizing the productive capacity of your team.

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Know Your Daily Rhythms

Everyone has their particular moments of peak productivity. Know when yours are likely to happen. Do you get more done at the start of the day and tend to flag as the hours march on? Or do you get a burst of energy in the early afternoon?

Whatever your specific rhythms, keep these in mind as you schedule your day. Plan your more challenging tasks for the times when you are most able to tackle them.

Find Quiet Time

As a manager, you aren’t completely in charge of your daily schedule. You’ll need to respond to requests from your direct reports and others in the organization who need your guidance.

That’s fine — but leave aside some time to achieve your daily goals. Whether it’s starting early, working late, or carving out time during the day, sequester a portion of the day dedicated only to your priorities.

Guard Your Time

Get aggressive about protecting your time. You’ll have many demands on your attention. Your goal is to stay focused on the key tasks that best leverage your limited resources.

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