Feeling Stuck In Your Job Search? Use A Staffing Agency

Job searches start off as an optimistic, hopeful process. A new world of opportunities suddenly seems open to you. But as things drag on, and you have problems finding the right position for you, the emotional tenor or begins to shift. You start to feel stuck, trapped in transition. 

Breaking out of this situation can be tricky. However, it isn’t impossible. Staffing agencies can provide the perfect way to jumpstart a stalled job search. 

Here are a few reasons why you should turn to a staffing agency if you’re feeling stuck in your job search: 

Streamlined Process 

Being out of work can be scary. Bills are piling up and you’re burning through your emergency fund. The faster you can find a job, the better. Even if you have a position now, speed is of the essence. You don’t want to be in a negative situation any longer than necessary. 

A recruiter can help you get a new position faster. After all, they do this for a living. They have tools you won’t be able to access if you look for a position on your own. Think about it this way: partnering with a staffing agency is like applying to dozens of jobs at once. 

Focus Your Search 

Getting a job quickly solves a lot of problems. But speed isn’t the only factor to keep in mind. You also want the right job for your skills and your current career trajectory. 

A staffing agency can help you on this front as well. Recruiters have access to hundreds of potential opportunities. They can narrow the search to match your situation. This allows you to focus your attention on the positions that will help your career the most. 

Additional Information  

If you run your own job search, you often don’t have much information to go on. You can research industries online, and even track individual companies through tools like Glassdoor. However, unless you get a lead through a contact in your network, it’s not likely you’ll receive any reliable insider information.  

With a recruiter, this dynamic is different. They have experience with individual companies, as well as a deep knowledge of specific industries and the labor market as a whole. This information contributes to a more effective job search. 

Expert Feedback  

Recruiter expertise has other advantages as well. Besides learning about companies and industries, you can get valuable feedback about your own situation as a candidate. You might learn about hidden value in some of your skills, or just how to present your best attributes in a way more likely to lead to success. 

Hidden Opportunities  

Recruiters have access to opportunities that you won’t find on your own. Companies often reach out to staffing agencies before posting public job notices. These positions would be hidden if you ran your own job search. 

By working with a recruiter, you are able to tap into these unadvertised positions. This helps you get hired faster and allows you to choose from a wider variety of potential positions. 

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