Phone Interview Prep: How to Wow Your Interviewer

SmartTalent - Phone InterviewPreparing for a phone interview is just as important as preparing for an in-person interview. This is the first step in the hiring process and it is a vital one at that. It will help a hiring manager decide if you should be scheduled for an in-person interview at the company. We have put together five very important tips you should follow when preparing for a phone interview so you can wow the interviewer.

Create a Cheat Sheet

You have a major advantage when it comes to interviewing over the phone; no one can see what you are doing. Take this opportunity to create a cheat sheet for the interview. The cheat sheet should include your resume, cover letter and notes about the company. You could also have answers prepared for the questions you might be asked. Just make sure that you do not read your answers verbatim.

Dress Like You are Meeting Face-to-Face

An excellent tip is to dress for the interview. Do not sit on the phone in your pajamas or shorts and a t-shirt. Instead, wear casual business attire to help you get into an interview mindset. The more you are dressed for the interview and prepared, the more success you will experience.

Silence is Golden

Silence is golden not just in the movie theater, but also when taking part in a phone interview. When a pause occurs in the conversation, do not jump right in with a comment. This could lead you to interrupt the interviewer. Instead, pause briefly so you can show the interview how thoughtful you are being with your responses.

Remain Even-Keeled During Interview

You must remain even-keeled during a phone interview. This means that you should not talk too slowly, or too quickly, during the interview. If you talk too slowly, the interviewer will think you are bored or half asleep. He or she will assume that you will not be too productive while on the job. If you talk too quickly, the interviewer might not catch all the important information you are telling them about yourself and your career.

Never Utilize a Joke

When speaking with a hiring manager over the phone, refrain from making a joke. Since the manager cannot see you, he or she cannot read your body language. This means that your joke might not go over too well. Stay serious and professional throughout the interview as much as possible.

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