It’s Time to Do Something About Your Weaknesses

Everyone has things at which they excel and areas where they struggle. If some of the things you struggle with affect your professional life, you’ll want to make a dedicated effort to improve. Not only will taking steps to overcome your weaknesses – like practicing more or taking classes – be beneficial when you are working, it can also help you land a job.

Being proactive and dealing with your weaknesses is important because:

  • You can improve your career prospects: When you overcome your weaknesses by learning new skills or developing your professional abilities, you can add those skills to your resume. If you’re bad at public speaking and you take a course, you can note the lessons on your resume. You’ll also be able to improve your work performance by fixing your weaknesses, which means when you do get hired, you’ll have a better chance of being promoted and you will earn better references.
  • You’ll be ready during an interview for a question about your weaknesses: One of the most common interview questions is what your greatest weakness is. If you can share your weakness AND detail the steps you are taking to overcome the problems you have, you’ll impress the hiring manager with your proactivity. You’ll have a great answer to this hard question that is not just another boring cliché.
  • You can boost your confidence in your professional abilities: When you feel you’re lacking in some professional skill, you may not be as confident about asking for a raise, applying for a new job or trying for a promotion. If you feel better about what you can do, you’re more likely to take a risk and more likely to be successful when you do since your newfound confidence will come across.

Even taking small steps to improve your weaknesses can make a difference. Of course, you also want to find an employer who appreciates the skills you already bring to the table. SmartTalent can help. Our staffing service works with job seekers in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas find employers who are looking for people with their skills and abilities. To find out more about how our staffing service can help with your job search, give us a call today.

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