Address Employee Tardiness

Employee tardiness can impede productivity and be frustrating for managers and co-workers. Unfortunately, tardiness is a big problem on the job. If your company wants to combat lateness and encourage every member of your staff to arrive on time, there are a few key steps that you can take including:

  • Understanding why employees are late. There are usually reasons for tardiness, some of which are more valid than others. Employees may be late if they don’t like their jobs, are overworked or feel they aren’t getting support from co-workers. If you understand the reasons employees are late, you can create a company culture that doesn’t incentivize workers to show up after the workday should have started.
  • Have an attendance and tardiness policy at work. Make it clear tardiness will not be tolerated. Include your tardiness policy in an employee handbook and should make sure every employee understands what the rules are for coming late. Don’t set up rules you are not willing to enforce, as this will only undermine your ability to ensure staff members show up on time.
  • Lead by example. Make sure all managers and company leaders are on time. If you create a company culture where tardiness is not an option, staff members will feel more pressure to arrive at their designated time.
  • Consider offering flexible time when possible. While you want staff members to show up on time, you also need to help your employees achieve a work/life balance if you want them to stick around and be as productive as possible. If you can offer your staff some flexibility in when and how they work, they won’t be late since they’ll be able to make a schedule that works for them.

Of course, there are some employees who are late because they are not responsible, and you want to weed out those workers during the application process so you have a team of people likely to arrive on time.

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