Why Now Is the Best Time to Apply for a Job

After months of restrictions, the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak has entered a new phase. Businesses in many regions are beginning to open up again, even amid signs that the virus continues to spread. The uncertainty has led many workers to a difficult decision. But, despite the lingering worries about the virus, now might be the best time to apply for a job. 

Searching for a new position during uncertain economic times can pose serious challenges. The current labor market is much weaker than it was just a few months ago. Meanwhile, lingering safety concerns might make you reluctant to get back to work. Still, as long as you can minimize the risk to you and your family, your long-term career prospect will improve if you can rejoin the workforce. 

Even if you have a job now, there are plenty of reasons to search for a new position. You might be looking for more money or better benefits. Or you might want to switch from the second or third shift to a first-shift schedule. Or you might be looking for an opportunity that better suits your skills and experience.  

Whatever the case, there’s no better time to apply for a position than now. Here are some reasons to launch an immediate job search, despite the uncertain times: 

You Can’t Time the Job Market 

The U.S. labor market underwent a massive dislocation as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Unemployment spiked from below 4% to double-digit levels, seemingly overnight. It could change again just as fast. An accelerated reopening could spark a wave of hiring. Or, the issues related to coronavirus could last for months.  

All this leads to a single bottom-line conclusion: the near-term outlook for the job market is impossible to predict. As a result, there’s no way you can’t accurately target the perfect moment to return. By beginning your search now, you give yourself the most options and the longest possible timeline to find the perfect situation for you. 

You Can’t Predict a Job Search 

That’s the big-picture view. Economic conditions make the job market difficult to predict. But zoom in on your personal situation, and what do you see? Actually, something very similar. You still glimpse an uncertain set of circumstances. 

When you start looking for a job, you could find the perfect fit within a matter of days (or maybe even in a matter of hours). That’s certainly the ideal outcome. However, it doesn’t always unfold that way. Occasionally, the search takes much, much longer.  

Research shows that the average hunt can take more than six weeks (43 days). And that’s under normal circumstances. With the added complication of the post-coronavirus economy, it’s impossible to predict how long you’ll have to look for a new job. This fact makes an early start crucial to maximizing your options. 

Stronger Companies Will Come Back More Quickly 

Hiring is expensive. Companies don’t bring in new staff unless they are confident about the future. In these uncertain times, the list of aggressive firms might be very short. However, those are exactly the employers you want to find…the ones with ready cash and a plan for the future. 

As such, you want to get your name out there now. The companies hiring in the midst of a crisis could be the ones best positioned to take advantage of the current opportunities. By getting your name out there, you could join the team of a significant long-term winner. 

Jumpstart Your Career 

Many people suffered layoffs as a result of the COVID-19 economic crisis. If you were one of the 44 million that found themselves out of work as a result of the virus, you have every incentive to get back to work. Even with the increased unemployment benefits, you’re better off finding a job as quickly as you can.  

This aggressive approach to professional development will give you a long-term advantage. By minimizing your time off of work, you maintain your career momentum. Even if you have a job now, continually searching for the best situation will let you climb the ladder more quickly. 

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